Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update: Haiti

“It was the sound of someone tripping over a rope that awoke Andrela, Before she knew what was happening, a man had cut a hole in the back of the tent. Soon seven of them were inside, their faces hidden under ski masks. “They put a gun by my ear,” remembers Andrela (whose last name, like those of the other victims, we are withholding). “I started to scream and they told me if I made any noise, they would kill me. The children sat straight up and the men hit them and made them lie down. They were scared and trembling on the ground.” One by one, the men raped her. Afterward they made her lie on her stomach and forced her face away from the children. What came next was even more horrifying: The men raped her daughters, ages 12 and 14, too…” ---Journalist Lisa Armstrong reveals Haitian Native Andrela’s horrifying ordeal as she struggles to raise her children under unsafe tents in the January 2011 issue of Essence Magazine:


  1. This is truly sad for these people being treated like shit. And this man has literally destroyed this woman and her children live. It is bad enough they were hit by a man made earth quake (HAARP). Now this sick bastard rape these innocent people. He should rot in hell. You notice how the media barely talks about Hati this is some grimey shit.

  2. @ Lyrica

    There are sooooo many websites requesting people to donate money or to donate tents. Shortly after the earthquake struck Haiti, over 100 million was raised all around the world. Where is this money? What happened to it?

    I also read in the news that the United Nations peace keepers are responsible for bringing Chlorea to Haiti and spreading it!!!

    This is the link to the article on BBC:

    UN peacekeepers were the most likely source of the cholera epidemic sweeping Haiti, according to a leaked report by a French disease expert.

  3. Oh here is the link:

  4. ^^^ Thank you for the link. And I thought people will not do anything lower, I guess I was wrong. It breaks my heart hearing these stories like this.

  5. @ Lyrica

    When close to a billion dollars is at hand, people will do awful things! The system in Haiti is destroyed! People lost their identity that was once on paper. If they die, the UN peace keepers will unearth dirt to bury them in a hole.

    AND people are still donating to Haiti while the so-called peace keepers are killing the people who was suppose to receive the donated funds.

    I mean how f-up is that???

  6. ^^^^ Dang this is way beyond horrible. They treat Haiti victims worst than animals. I appreciate the information that you keep posting, but sad at the same time about how horrible these people are treated. If I am not mistaken is the phony UN Peace Keepers work with the government? If they are it just shows me how corrupted the government really is.

  7. I also would like to add that these Haiti people are still living in tents. I know the earthquake did some damage, but come on now America can rebuild Iraq and other countries in wars, but they still have not manage to get these people real homes!!

  8. Never understood how the countries can come together to build and revitalize a country in preparation for the Olympics but somehow, the same resources isn't available for grieve stricken countries who suffered as a result of an earthquake.

    It took less than 6 months to add new facilities while preparing for the Olympics in a country.

    Why is it taking so long to build solid foundations in Haiti.

    People all over the world donated monies. The funds are there.

    If they keep killing the people in Haiti, you have more money to pay the peacekeepers and less money to give to the Haiti Natives who are trying to rebuild their lives.

    How awful this is: You lose your family to the earth quake, the surviving members are becoming ill by people sent to help them and the women who survived (and some men and boys) are being raped.

    This is just awful.

  9. Interesting how those affected by the tsunami have a built their communities stronger and better than before. Haiti fundraisers received all that money, only for the Haitians never to see a dime of it. SMDH!

  10. The HAARP effect was to show how it can work to destroy an already crumbled economy. Move the people out the cities. Set up a tourist economy. The 100 million is still there. Just used not for the purposes people thought. Five more years and you will have a new Montego Bay location.

  11. I want ya'll to read the historical article attached to this post. It's about Haiti and it truly explains the reason why this country had many problems.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton had their honeymoon in Haiti and i too believe that they were into voodoo and attended plenty of 'ritual ceremonies' there. They would frequent as peacekeepers!!!

  12. Sorry here is the link:

    The article was written in life magazine in 1937. The police in Haiti owned voodoo spots around their country (Haiti). This has gone on for years!