Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Toy Purchaser beware - FBI Officials has warned that the new video Barbie doll can be used to produce child pornography. The Barbie Doll comes with a hidden video camera lens built into its necklace that can record up to 30 minutes of footage to be downloaded on a computer.

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  1. This is truly disturbing on so many levels. Man these pedos are getting sicker and sicker. Who would ever thought someone can comeup with something like this?

  2. ^ smh

    ...and Nicki Minaj had the nerve to promote the image of "Barbie" is she even aware of this?? Do she read?

  3. ^^^ I doubt it Nicki Minaj is a puppet. I doubt she have any good reasoning skills. I am glad you point that out though. There was a reason I did not feel comfortable with Nicki's image.

  4. Maybe Nicki's career is being supported by pedophiles. C'mon now Barbie? Pedophiles use Barbie to lure innocent girls and they create these underground websites to share their video clips and child pornography photos. Now they've created a Barbie Doll with a built in camera?