Friday, October 1, 2010

False Prophet: Bishop Eddie Long

"...We cannot control painful situations but we can control our response to it I've been accused, I am under attack. Like I said before, I'm not a perfect man. But this thing I'm gone fight. I feel like David against Goliath, and I got five rocks that I haven't thrown yet...” Quoting: Eddie Long

After reading through several articles related to the sex scandal that surrounds the bishop who sermons at New Birth "Missionary" church in Atlanta, Ga, thoughts and prayers are with the victims who had the courage and strength to stand for what is right and against what is wrong.

While browsing through the website, Pulpit Pimps, a post was discovered questioning the symbol that is displayed throughout Bishop Eddie Long's Church. To me, it seems as if this is a inverted symbol of poseidon's trident. To Melvin Jones, the symbolic meaning rest on a deeper level:

The "Bishop" Eddie Long has stated several times that, he's not perfect and also revealed that, "I got five rocks that I haven't thrown yet" - but - the bible verse actually states, "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" -- now why is the Bishop holding five rocks?

Story Continues...


  1. He's inverting the souls of his church members.

  2. The freaky eddie long has five accusers that he has to fight against but only four step forward. He's telling his church members to hold their rocks and don't throw them at his accusers. It's his battle and he will fight it.

    He also shared that there's a 5th (five rocks)one who's afraid to step forward.

  3. LITHONIA, Ga. -- New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is responding to allegations that church members knowingly ignored claims that Bishop Eddie Long sexually abused young male members of the church.

  4. Pimp Daddy Eddie Long IS A MAMMON!

    Matthew 6:24 (Revised Standard Version) cannot serve God and mammon.

    A mammon is define as material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence

    He's also a Mammonist

    mam·mon·ist noun \-mə-nist\
    Definition of MAMMONIST
    archaic : one devoted to the ideal or pursuit of wealth

  5. His agenda is to invert the sould of a innocent straight boy and turn them into GAY men.



  7. HipHopDX: Let’s jump things off with the most important question I have for you: “That’s Life II,” from the forthcoming PL3DGE, who are you going in on this time…?

    Mike Bigga: Hey man, I’ma just say [Bishop] Eddie Long was in it before this shit, so don’t y’all get mad at me. He was already in the song, baby!

    DX: So what if he’s gay? That’s life.

    Mike Bigga: I don’t care if he’s gay. That’s not what I talked about in the context of the song. I talked about him in the context of [saying] “that’s life” [in regards to] vanity. I don’t think any preacher should be wearing a Thera Yamaka and he’s not Jewish. I don’t think that ministers should own a car above a Mercedes Benz. I can tolerate a Mercedes, but anything once you get over the $70-80,000 range I think is excessive. So, I have my own set of issues with the good Mr. Long…and the Catholic church… I got it out on everybody on “That’s Life II,” believe that.

  8. Praying for the safety of the boys who were molested. This is a tought situation. Eddie Long is using church funds to support political candidates and they are actually waiting on the males who who molested to give a deposition. Please pray that these boys don't lose their life for telling the truth.

    Read this article:

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes canceled a fund-raiser with Bishop Eddie Long last week after news broke that the popular DeKalb minister faced several sexual coercion lawsuits filed by male parishoners.

    Now comes word from WSB-TV reporter Lori Geary that Barnes plans to hold on to thousands of dollars in campaign contributions the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor has donated.

    Geary spoke exclusively with Democratic nominee Roy Barnes about his political relationship with Long that spans two decades. Barnes said he has no plans to return Long’s $5,000 in contributions.

    “The allegations are troubling but there’s not been one deposition taken, not one thing. Let’s let the legal process work,” said Barnes.

    Last week Barnes canceled a scheduled fundraiser with Long. Barnes told Geary the decision was mutual.

    “I haven’t talked to him. I sent messages back and forth. Of course we knew the press would be there and we didn’t want to take away from our fundraiser. In any regard, we just thought it was appropriate. It was jointly reached by staff,” said Barnes.

  9. “The allegations are troubling but there’s not been one deposition taken, not one thing. Let’s let the legal process work,” said Barnes.

    - They won't take this seriously until a deposition is taken!

  10. "...We cannot control painful situations."

    As a Bishop, this statement should've read, "We can control painful situations by redirecting our thoughts to what is deemed right and neccessary e.t.c".

  11. This is a man that needs to repent for his sins asap.

  12. You missed his broadcast this past Sunday. The freak almost revealed his sins. If you are innocent, pray openly for being wrongfully accused. He's so guilty and it's a shame; really it is a shame!

  13. Sorry y'all but I DO NOT feel sorry for these brothers. They knew exactly what they were doing. Hell at age 15, some people already started families. This is all about money.

  14. Yeah, after they said "yes", they knew what they agreed to; but they didn't agree to being used and abused and kicked to the curb.

    Point is - there are a lot of young innocent brothers being seduced by freaky Eddie.

    Its easy for a young black male at age 13 to become star struck by seeing famous people, driving in expensive cars and being offered free things.

    Freaky Eddie knew what he was doing. He wines and dines these young boys at a early age 13,14,15 then when they hit sweet 16 he turns it up a notch by giving them a car and massaging their body. The relationships take another turn as the boys turn 17, 18 and 19. At 17 they work out with Eddie and take showers with him and let us not forget about the trips out of town. The nature of the relations turns at age 18 it becomes sexual because if the boys don't accept his sexual advances, they can't scream abuse because they are of legal age.

    Trust me, it took a long time for these boys to give in. Freaky Eddie knew what he was doing.

    The boys who wasn't into having sex with Eddie, Eddie made sure their minds would change. The slipped them a date rape pill that eased their mind and thoughts. The boys woke up naked in Eddie's bed and they couldn't remember what happened. SOME CRIED AND SOME WINED Eddie offered them material items for the silence and understanding. The boys who decided to stay got more, the ones who left got less.

    When these boys got together to discuss their relationship with Eddie, they were shocked to know that THEY all shared the same story. Do you know how painful it is to know that you didn't share this intimate experience with Eddie Long? Do you know how painful it is to know that most of these young money took the car and cash and left the state and days later eddie tracked the car down and took it back?

    I feel sorry for these young men for getting comfortable with this grown ass man. Now they feel sorry for saying yes to the money, cars, trips and clothes. They feel sorry for allowing Eddie to turn them into a Gay man.

    I'll pray that they are able to turn their life around.

    Do you understand how awful if feels to have a Bishop use, seduce and throw you away? A bishop?

    Let me tell you one thing, Bishop Eddie Long has a secret condom in Georgia. His wife is not allowed to here (i don't think she knows that it exist). He has two black leather swings hanging from his ceiling in one of the bedrooms and after he slips his young lovers a ectasy pill, they end up in his swing with their ass poking out.

    Eddie video tapes these sessions with his young lovers.

  15. Let me tell you this, Eddie Bishop Long is also a drug dealer.

    He sells pills and marijuana and guns (question T.I.)

  16. Eddie definitely used sex magic on these boys. If you listen to Jamal, he mentions candles, rituals, and convenent. When he mentioned the smell of his cologne, that smell could have also been mixed with body fluids that is a powerful force. All those symbols/jewelery that Eddie wears and the symbols, his name plastered all over his church is the spells that keep his followers under control. The occult is real. Once you start recognizing symbols, certain words, hand movements and you understand what they mean, only then will you be free of the matrix.

  17. Thank You @ 7:50 AM

    It's real and my prayers are for these boys and also for the boys who are afraid that they will lose everything IF THEY SPEAK OUT!

  18. Have you noticed the inverted diamond cut trident ring on Eddie's finger? It's next to his pinky finger. It was placed there to keep his pinky finger from rising when he holds the mic during Sunday services.

  19. Can't get over his intimate embrace with George W. Bush Jr.

  20. I have SO much inside information on this case, its not even funny. I will say a few things: For one, Bishop Eddie didn't just get turned out by GWB, Jr., he lived with another very well-known, and VERY bisexual megachurch pastor for 3 months about 10 years ago when other scandals of this nature came to light. There are in truth over a dozen young men floating around who have not spoken out. Most of them never will because they are pursuing high profile careers (thanks to their silence about their relationship with E. Long).

    Also, if you've ever met him in person, he is the BIGGEST queen! He admitted to having a "shoe habit" and that when he is stressed, he shops. He owns over 2,000 pairs. When the boys are reluctant, he uses shopping to lure them. He also learned all of his trick on how to brainwash, get money, and use his "church" as a source of fame from the other well-known megachurch star.

    This is all I will say for now. If you have q's, ask.

  21. @ 9:59 AM

    The stories E. Lynn Harris wrote about were pulled from Eddie Bishop Longs life. Those books were sent through many edits prior to the final release. E. Lynn Harris and Eddie Long were lovers!!!!!!!

  22. Just to push the envelope either further, Bishop Eddie Long’s legal team has hired a Private Dick aka Private Investigator, high profile PI named TJ Ward, who expects to dig up as much information as possible on the four plaintiffs and those closely around them, also covered on

    If you recall, Bishop Eddie Long did say it’s getting close to elections, something strange to say during civil lawsuits against him. Things that make you go, hmmm.

    The only thing now is to see who or what will give.

  23. By now we know how the redemptive process works for a televangelist accused of sexual relations with young males. First there is the allegation. Then there is the carefully worded, non-denial denial in which he says he will “fight the charges.” Then the preacher puts his jet and all the money he has yet to get into the bankruptcy-proof corporate shell he controls. Then his lawyers handle the settlements while the preacher gives lots of ensuing sermons on forgiveness.

  24. Bishop Eddie Long is the anti-gay black preacher with a 25,000 member congregation, and he believes that “greed is good.” The odds are very high that he is a closeted homosexual. He’s been charged by four young men recently with sexual assault. An anti-gay bully and a closeted homosexual – in my experience, there seems to be a pattern.

  25. @ 10:57, oh really? I'm not altogether surprised. I may need to tell a few people who are interested to pick up a few of those books. But, I am also being told that Eddie has a few tapes in circulation of him doing some inappropriate acts with the boys. Also, the stuff about him using drugs to sedate the young men is true too. His freakiness knows no bounds, I was told he enjoys doing ahem, **oral sodomy** on the boys on their 18th birthdays.

    I also agree with 4:21, he will follow this pattern, and will also more than likely start being more politically involved than he already has been, hence his comment about it being election time. He knows that many of the politicians he is in bed with are acting shady, and he is sending them the message that they better shape up, or he won't be programming his sheeple to vote for them a la the Bush elections.

  26. I never noticed these symbols, but to me they look like a house surrounding the cross. It seems like he has used it to create a brand and/or logo for his club. It seems to be a trend in televangelism.

  27. @ Miss Andi K

    Girl the symbols are everywhere. He preach leaning against a marble podium and in front of podium is a cross and behind the cross is a box. Who would box in a cross?

    That inverted trident blew me! He has his church followers believing that it is their "faith shield". An inverted trident? Google faith shield and inverted trident and tell me what image appears.

    You can easily identify the person who spends the most time with Eddie Long because Eddie speaks the same language as the person he follows (George W. Bush Jr.).

    Eddie licks shit out of George W. Bush Jr. pink asshole and he hates it (his bently).

  28. It's election time! These high level politicians that Eddie beds, swap child porn.

    Child Porn, hidden cameras installed in the homes owned by these politicans and rented to parents who have small children.

    Teenager porn, hidden cameras installed in the homes and over night travel spots. If they decide to go against the missionary, they will be exposed.

    Adult porn, the high level officials who don't pay back their dues will see parts of their sex tapes leaks. The outlet: Vivid!

  29. "Bishop Eddie Long’s legal team has hired a Private Dick aka Private Investigator, high profile PI named TJ Ward, who expects to dig up as much information as possible on the four plaintiffs and those closely around them..."

    So sad, the Bishop hired a Private Investigator? For what? Why is he digging up information that he already know? Man, thinking he hired a hitman to kill these boys and those closely around them (who know their truth).

    The Bishop didn't admit that he knew these boys. He didn't admit that there was a sexual relationship and now you're hiring a private investigator?

    Man, the Bishop guilty. These are all guilty moves.

    How about, the Bishop wife should hired a private investigator to find out what her husband is up to.


  30. ^^^^ I so freaking agree. That wife has been living under a damned rock. Buy then again her ass was down with the shit too. It was all about the money.

    Like I said before, these young men knew exactly what they were doing. Can't y'all see this is all a setup. Somewhere along the way, Eddie broke the oath and now he must pay. All of the Mega church ministers, celebrities, politicians, media heads, royalty etc. Belong to a diabolical brotherhood. They all worship the baphomet. Child porn and gay sex is a major stable in their order. Especially men with young boys. They try to harness that kundalini power, that shoots up the back of young males spine. Believe this is more than sex, its an attempt to gain spirit power by stealing someone's life force.

  31. @ 7:55 am

    You have a point. I under stand your point of view. Maybe these boys wasn't allowed to have sex with each other (only the Bishop) and maybe the Bishop discovered that when he wasn't around, the boys engaged in sexual activites without him, so he dropped them all off payroll.

    But what bothers me is the entire church acting as if they didn't know these boys. They were members at a early age (12-21) The Bishop haven't discussed how he was introduced to these boys or if he knew them at all.

    I believe that there's truth in the story these boys are telling. Maybe them because jealous after discovering that they were treated different from other boys.

    You see, when you sit idle and wait for a grown ass man (that's not your relative) to take care of you, you become dependent upon that person's lifestyle to take care of you as well.

    If he's giving you money, and you're not brining money in, eventually he will ask you to bring money in.

    It's so easy to abuse a person who is depending on you to survive.

  32. Bishop created a hard shell for these boys to live under, after sitting them in boiling water and under fire, their shell became soft and mushy and now look at them.

    They are lost! Now they will lose everything because the high profile people that they met through Bishop will turn their backs on them.

    They are risking it all to tell their truth.

  33. "The Kundalini is Divine static and dynamic energy. The static energy (Kundalini), is sleeping at the Muladhara (Root Chakra); the dynamic energy of the Kundalini is all over the body as Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana. These five Vital breaths, or life forces, keep the body together. The duties of the five Pranas are as follows: Prana remains in the upper part of the body, and always moves upward; the Apana resides in the lower part of the body, or abdomen, and always flows downward; the Samana stays in the first section of the torso, digesting and distributing the food substances; the Vyana resides in the heart, and from there moves all over the body, its duty being the circulation of the blood; the Udana carries the Soul upward when the body dies."

  34. What Eddie Bishop Long Teaches:

    The Sin of Sodom

    Then there is the story of the destruction of the city of Sodom, (Genesis 18:16-19:29). Sodom has given its name to the now somewhat quaint-sounding term 'Sodomy', which originally meant a specific male homosexual sex act. Eventually it was expanded to mean any form of sexual expression which happened to be illegal, including things that married heterosexual couples do every day.

    However, a close reading reveals the name to be a bit of a misnomer. To start off, Sodom is described simply as a 'wicked' place. Lot, Abraham's nephew, goes to live there to see if even one righteous person can be found there. The sexual theme starts when two disguised angels visit Lot. A mob, described as consisting of the men of the city, 'both young and old', attacks Lot's house and demands that Lot allow them to 'know' (in the language of the KJV) the two men. To 'know' is, of course, the famous KJV circumlocution for having sexual intercourse.

  35. The sin of the city of Sodom was the originally considered to be the violation of the rights of Lot's guests. Defining the 'sin of Sodom' to be male homosexuality was a later interpretation, which was made by medieval Jewish and Christian writers, as a reaction to Pagan acceptance of homosexuality. Near Eastern hospitality, to this day, implies a responsibility to protect guests under one's roof. The fact that Lot was ready to make a huge sacrifice by offering up his virgin daughters to the mob instead of his guests underlines this.

    The primary sin of Sodom, by this account, was that their society was materialistic, greedy and uncharitable. Social and economic justice is a thread that runs through the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament alike, and it is not difficult to extrapolate this to modern struggles for equality, such as those of LGBT people. When governmental and religious institutions and their leaders perpetuate oppression, it would not be farfetched to say that they are committing the actual sin of Sodom.


  37. Jupiter's thunder is "triformis." Hecate is always called "triple."

    Neptune's spear is a trident, and so has Siva the Trisula.

  38. people are starting to talk. A gay member of Bishop Eddie Long church reveal something interesting to BET

  39. ^^^No surprised at all. Waiting for his house of cards to fall. The women who support these male predators are JUST as guilty as the men involved in this disgusting mess. I am SO tired of them getting off scott-free!!!

    I pray that the whole truth comes out and that he goes BACK to jail.

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