Monday, August 9, 2010

Langston Issa Fishburne

While sister Montana Isis Fishburne is out promoting her porno flicks, her brother "Langston" is performing professionally as a ballet dancer and dance instructor.

His bio reads:
Langston Fishburne grew up in New York where he studied ballet with Anastasia Edery, and Christian Classens. At Boston University Langston performed with Dance Theatre Group and studied with Margot Parsons. He graduated in May 2009 with a degree in journalism. Langston has performed as a soloist with Ballet Rox in Boston, MA under the direction of Tony Williams in his popular "Urban Nutcracker." He has also appeared in performances with Dance Visions in Cambridge, MA. Langston was also seen on MTV's "Made" as an assistant dance coach...

According to many websites, Laurence Fishburne married Hajna Moss (Montana and Langston's Mother) when he was 26 years old. At the time, Haja was a casting director, now she's a well known fitness instructor.

It was also reported that Hajna is very supportive of her daughter's interest in the porn industry...

This family tree is rather interesting...


  1. Gina Torres had a daughter by Laurence in 2007. The child look a bit delayed

  2. Laurence Fishburne's 2-year-old daughter Delilah look just like Forrest Whittaker and Keisha Whitaker look so fake in that picture @ 9:33am!

  3. It's possible that Langston might have a gay porno tape through vivid.

  4. Langston use to fool around with Jay-Z.

  5. lol! u guys r oof the wall wit some of these comments!

  6. U guys shld leave this family alone... damm!!

  7. @ 10:38am

    Montana should've thought about the backlash. She placed her family in a media fenzy without prior notice and she's still running her mouth.

  8. It's all about Montana - the rich girl with a poor attitude.

    "No one uses their real name in the porno industry" - Laurence Fishburne

    That quote makes you wonder who else in the Fishburne family has dibble in the porn industry and never reveal their biological name.


  9. @9:33 am

    Montana looks like she has a clef-palet> Looking at the way the baby holds her mouth in every picture she may have had one also. Can't think of another set of pictures since then of this child.