Monday, February 1, 2010

We Are The World Tribute:

According to RollingStone:
Lady Gaga, Eminem, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Barbra Streisand are just a handful of the 100-plus stars scheduled to take part in a re-recording of “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti, producer RedOne told Rolling Stone yesterday at the Grammys. Other artists contributing to the new “We Are the World” — a remake of the 1985 USA for Africa charity single that was co-written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie — include Celine Dion, Fergie, Wyclef, Enrique Iglesias and more musicians who attended yesterday’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

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  1. LOS ANGELES – More than 75 mega-stars gathered Monday to re-record the 1985 charity anthem "We are the World" in the same Hollywood recording studio where the original was cut 25 years ago.

    Pink, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, the Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Tony Bennett, Jennifer Hudson, Akon and other musical luminaries stood shoulder to shoulder on risers at Henson Recording studios, singing their hearts out and hoping to help Haiti.

    At one point during the session, the musicians broke out into an a cappella version of the pop classic "Lean on Me."

    True to her diva reputation, Barbara Streisand recorded her solo over and over, completely absorbed in the recording process and stopping only to correct her pitch.

    Rapper Lil' Wayne was told he would do Bob Dylan's part in the original song.

    "I said, 'Are you kidding?'" he said. He felt blessed to record the song but admitted, "I don't know how to sing."

    Asked how the earthquake had affected him, he said he had Haitian friends in Miami who lost relatives in the disaster.

    "I think it's amazing what's been done for Haiti, but I think it's amazing what hasn't been done for New Orleans," said the Crescent City native.

    Quincy Jones, who produced the 1985 anthem, announced last week that he planned to redo the song to benefit recovery from the deadly Jan. 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince.

    Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, the original "We Are the World" thundered up the charts when it was released on the radio and in record stores in March 1985.

    An unprecedented number of top pop musicians gathered at A&M the night of Jan. 28, 1985, following the American Music Awards, to record the tune. The song featured 45 American superstars, including Jackson, Richie, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and Cyndi Lauper.

    None of the original performers returned for the re-record.

    The 1985 record raised more than $30 million for USA for Africa, a nonprofit organization founded by the singers to fund hunger relief in African nations.

    While reporters watched a video feed of the session in a nearby room, stars like West mingled outside with friends and greeted his buddy, Snoop Dogg, with a hug.

    Nicole Richie and "Good Charlotte" singer Joel Madden showed up with their 2-year-old daughter Harlow, whom Madden bounced in his arms to the beat of the music.

    Julianne Hough from "Dancing with the Stars," who is also a country singer, said she felt honored to lend her voice to the effort and sing next to so many talented musicians.

    "It's just iconic. Celine (Dion) is just so gracious and amazing and such a pro," she said.

  2. LOS ANGELES — The energy was electric Monday night (February 1) at Henson Studios as more than 80 of music's biggest stars gathered for a charity remake of "We Are the World" in support of Haitian earthquake relief.

    "I feel like a kid in a candy store," Wyclef Jean said, speaking to the press about the idea of remaking such an iconic song, which is getting production help from RedOne and Will.I.Am. "What's bigger than a contribution is that you lend your voice," the Haitian native said earlier in the day to his peers while trying to inspire them during the session, which began around 3 p.m. and was expected to last well into the night.

    Among the voices in the 81-member choir were Pink, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nick Jonas, LL Cool J, Robin Thicke, Celine Dion, Akon, Rob Thomas, Wyclef, Jeff Bridges, Vince Vaughn, Barbra Streisand, Jordin Sparks, Good Charlotte's Madden brothers, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese, Katharine McPhee, Sean Garrett, Will.I.Am, Carlos Santana, Melanie Fiona, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Busta Rhymes, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicole Richie, Usher, Julianne Hough, Raphael Saadiq, Zac Brown, India.Arie, "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson, Fonzworth Bentley, Kid Cudi, Iyaz, Bizzy Bone, Nipsey Hussle, the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, Trey Songz, Faith Evans, Mya and Gladys Knight. (At press time, the full list of participants was not yet available.)

    Kanye, wearing a red jacket with sparkling gold crisscross accents, stood center in the front row, between Wyclef and Hudson.

    Among the soloists whose sessions were screened for journalists at press time were Bieber, Dion and Groban. Weezy also came out and humbly noted that he recorded the solo originally sung by Bob Dylan.

    The inspirational lyrics were laid down over a track that had a more modern Southern hip-hop bounce to it. The recording session took place almost 25 years to the day since the original song for African famine relief was recorded.

    "The experience was out of this world," said Bieber, who sang Lionel Richie's original opening line. The video for the song, which is being shot in 3-D, will debut February 12.

  3. rap-up has all of the pictures.

  4. Jay-Z was replaced by Kayne West!

  5. The recording session took place in the same studio as the original song written by Richie and Michael Jackson, and featured a diverse lineup including Lil Wayne (redoing Bob Dylan’s verse), Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Trey Songz, Drake, Barbra Streisand, Toni Braxton, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Pink, Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Keri Hilson, Brandy, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Busta Rhymes, Nicole Scherzinger, Akon, Tony Bennett, Carlos Santana, and many others.

    “After I did Bob Dylan’s part, it kinda hit me that I guess this is something way more important than I could’ve ever imagined,” Wayne told reporters, while responding “Hell no!” when asked if his version was better than Dylan’s.

  6. Jay-Z and Beyonce can't read music.

    Jay-Z hires Kayne West to read his music sheets and Beyonce..

    Prince wouldn't record with her because SHE CAN'T READ MUSIC!

  7. @10:41

    Not only can Beyoncehope NOT read music, SHE CAN'T READ PERIOD. That sister is dumber that a ton of bricks.

    I really wish that these FAKE celebrities knock off the BS about really caring about people. They could care less. I am soooooo sick of their BS. I don't even have cable. All I watch is DVD's. That way I can have SOME control over what I watch. However total control is impossible because they are the one making the DVD's.

  8. Interestin ,that explains Kanye Gay and Gay-Z with Beyondhippading. I always knew Beyonce could not read.