Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The mother of Sisqo's son Ian has graced the cover of the Sun in the UK. Jamila has poured her heart out and is seeking the R&B singer to step forward and provide care for his son.

The Sun Reports:

THE single mum who claims she gave birth to Sisqo's secret lovechild after an illicit romp when she was FOURTEEN has demanded he face up to his responsibilities, TV Biz can reveal.

Jamila Farid, 25, said all she wants is for her ten-year-old son Ian to know his father.

But the Thong Song singer - in the BB house - denied the lad was his and refused to take a DNA test, even though a Swiss court has ruled in his absence he IS the dad.

Child support services are chasing Sisqo for £1,500 a month in payments, going back to when Ian was two. He could face a bill of £100,000.

This makes no sense at all. Despite being chased around the globe for child support payments, the judge in this case failed to file charges against Sisqo for "Child Molestation". Jamlia has admitted that she was only fourteen when she became pregnant with the R&B singer's child.

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