Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monica "Danger" Leon:

...has step forward to admit that she told a fib about Ray-J having a sexual relationship with his friend "Young Buck":

According to "Danger":

..."No, it's not true...I got mad and I over-reacted. I can't get mad over little things anymore... I need to stop f*cking up. I'll be the first to say that I am wrong and I was wrong. Ray J put me on and I will always respect him and love him for that. No matter who I'm dating. I'm sorry Ray, I love you. Do you forgive me?"

Funny - Danger offers an apology to her "sponsor" because he's the reason why she gained fame on the VH1 reality show "For The Love of Ray-J". Ray-J's exposure, allowed her to met the father of her newborn child (Nick Cannon's brother).

Hey, Ray-J made Kim Kardashian famous - so - Danger HAD to retract her statement.


  1. My mother always told me, "There's a little truth in EVER lie".

  2. We knew nothing about Brandy's personal life. She lied about being married to her child's father. He threaten to expose her and he did.

    Now that someone threw darts at Ray-J, her brother, no one believe that this is the truth.

    They made that girl retract her story.

  3. The rapper young buck HAS a sense of humor! LOL

    He directed our attention towards the video to reveal PROOF. LOL

  4. Oh wow. She has elevated her status to "socialite".

    Debbie Allen's mother started out as a socialite.

    It's documented in JET magazine.

  5. Gay, Gay , Gay Ray is so Gay!!