Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Say it ain't so...

Did Jay-Z reduce the size of his nose? Well, MakeMeHeal is reporting that the rapper had "Ethnic Rhinoplasty".

According to their website:

Past photos of Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, reveal a very wide nose with a very bulbous, rounded tip. Newer photos of the recently turned 40-year old show that his nose appears to have been slightly narrowed and the round tip made less pronounced. While the difference could be the angle of the camera, it could also indicate a slight ethnic rhinoplasty.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden says, “Based on pictures that are available, it appears that the ala, or nostrils, are less wide and the tip is refined. An alar base resection is usually what is performed to achieve a more narrow, less flared look of the nostrils. The new nose gives a nicely balanced look to his face yet still retains his ethnicity.”


  1. people always said that there was something different about jay-z but they couldn'y pin point his change. they blamed it on his girl beyonce upgrading him. dude got his beak trimmed. lol

  2. They gayest rapper got a nose job. Beyonce's nose was much wider. This explains the reason why beyonce will not have a child by Jay-Z.

    The child will need PLASTIC SURGERY!

  3. his upper lip look smaller.

  4. That's like KRS-ONE getting a nose job without anyone paying notice.