Friday, January 29, 2010

Dame Dash

According to Byron Crawford of XXL Magazine, the producer has fallen on hard times:

Damon Dash used to have damn near as much money as Jay-Z, and now he can’t even afford the note on his Chevy Tahoe. In fact, why does he even have a Chevy Tahoe? Isn’t there some sort of luxury version of a Tahoe, targeted towards black people? Is that what the Yukon is? I know he’s got that art studio down in Tribeca, where he puts on indie rock shows and kicks it with some especially tall and skinny white woman, which is what I’d do with my house, if I had the means, but I read in an article where he’s got some sort of arrangement where he doesn’t have to pay rent. In exchange, the guy who owns the building probably now owns Mos Def’s publishing or some shit. Expect that all to come tumbling down by the end of the year. And Damon Dash is hardly the only black celebrity who couldn’t hold on to his money. Quick, name one black person with that kind of money who didn’t somehow manage to fuck it all up. See, you can’t do it. Jay-Z is damn near the only one. And I don’t think it’s because he’s just that smart. This is the same guy who shot his brother for smoking his ring and stabbed Un Rivera for bootlegging Vol. 3. Who knows what else he’s done. Someone must be protecting him.


  1. "I happen to know, because I saw it on an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, that the government has developed technology with which they can take any ol’ guy off the street and turn him into a trained assassin, using mind control techniques. This one guy had killed mad people, and he didn’t even know it…"

    I believe that Jay-Z has killed a lot of people and he knows it. His music IS his mental escape.

  2. He escapes the pain of knowing through his freestyles.

  3. "Yeah, there was an earthquake in Haiti, which killed a shedload of people, but who do you think caused that earthquake? That’s just an easy way to knock out 100,000 Haitians in one fell swoop, as part of their plan to get the population under control. If there’s only gonna be 500 million people left, they probably don’t need any Haitians at all. Priorities, people! Notice how all of these natural disasters occur in places where poor ethnic people live? The government has a machine called HAARP that can cause all kinds of natural disasters, including an earthquake like the one that hit Haiti. In other parts of the world, like Venezuela, it’s common knowledge that the quake in Haiti was caused by HAARP. It’s been reported on the evening news. Meanwhile, you haven’t heard HAARP so much as mentioned on the news here in the US, despite the fact that they did nothing but cover the quake for a good week or so. Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety. You know CNN is aware of HAARP, because there was an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura about it, and I actually saw a commercial for Conspiracy Theory during their Haiti coverage. They must not think I can put one and two together."


  4. Even though ol boy is DRY HATING and I don't personally cut for Damon Dash [or "Mr.Dash according to the folk he hang with] he coming off as some sort of 'black hipster' and he wasn't always like that, so meh to the studio, ect there been articles written about it; so its nothing new that he's doing that.

    WHY is dude worrying about what kind of truck Damon is driving? The article sounds like a gossiping woman at the beauty shop....ugh

    50CENT has more money than Jay Z but he don't go around bragging....and what he trying to say that Black ppl can't hold on to money nigga look at WALL STREET! I mean its nothing wrong with stating what is already written in OTHER magazines but I REALLY hate the ass kissing they do to Jay Z. I guess he paying for space in XXL! This nigga is SO greedy like gotdamn nigga don't you have ENOUGH?! he has all that money and don't do SHIT for anyone (at least 50 donated and have a after school program in Queens)

    but whatever its some ol broad gossiping....i wonder what happened to Beanie Segal why is he quiet now?

    Fuck that XXL dude for writing biased shit...straight garbage


    this is a video of Pimpin Ken addressing that he can't CONFIRM that either Jay Z or 50 Cent is King of New York [who fucking cares its owned by the rich elite such as Rockefeller, ect but anyway)

    so Ken says he can't confirm that BUT in the same breath is 'COMFIRMING' that Jay-Z isnt a devil worshipper. Like how the fuck he know what that man does in his spare time?! I mean we ALL Don't know but he SURE spoke on that like he know for a fact this nigga aint doing sadistic shit. Man you gotta whore yourself to get to the top and just like a prostitute; doing ANYTHING to get the money and the fame.

    The devil gives out advances in fame and fortune BUT Satan will come back and get HIS ya know.... hes gonna come back for payback and revenge is SWEET.

    also, Jay is so 'connceted' to these white folk that gives him all this press and media time BUT just like Tiger Woods; let that nigga fuck up ONE TIME they taking all that shit away from him and gonna blast him out over and over via media.




  6. The downfall of Dame Dash started after Jay-Z found out that he was sleeping around with Aaliyah.

    Jay-Z was in love with Aaliyah. He was actually obsessed with Aaliyah.

    Jay-Z told Dame that he wasn't salty that the two were dating because he moved on. In actuality, he was very salty and he decided to take everything away from dame.

    Dame's baby mother is a chic that Jay-Z use to f*ck on a regular basis. She was picked by Jay-Z to date Dame.

    She use to be a girl for HIRE in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. She's no professional model. She's a professional whore.

  7. Jay-Z is gay. He don't like fish in any shape, way or form. So I seriously doubt the Aaliyah thing.