Friday, November 6, 2009

Update: Beyonce Knowles


Now ya'll know that Beyonce always jock other people styles. A similar version of this dress was worn by Cheryl Cole (X-factor) last Saturday. Cheryl was clowned for wearing this dress - but - Beyonce threw on a hip re-define the shape...and everyone noticed her so-called curves...and the dress.


Her stage performance was jacked as well - but - i will let you discover that on your own.

This dress was designed by David Koma.


  1. lil russian ass. the bitch can't speak good english because she speaks seveal languages.

    Beyonce's family is from Russian. Everything you thought you know about her is a damn lie!

    She's not African American and Jay-Z is a Russian American.

    They are dark skinned people that live in Russia.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce get tans. They are russian americans.

    They want you to believe that they are AFRICAN AMERICANS.

  2. Kirk Douglas, actor
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  4. Wow! How do u know this? I thought she was cuban or something

  5. @ 6:30 PM

    Everything you thought you knew about Beyonce and her family are lies.

    They will never reveal the truth! Beyonce family consist of Russians and Cubans.

    Same as Jay-Z's family.

    Jay-Z is planning to turn the rappers on his label into 40 year old rappers.

    They have waited over 10 years for the music to come out on his label. He will see to it that their music drop before they turn 40.

    Everyone makes fun of him being a 40 year old rapper. He's laughing at this. How old is bleak? How old is beanie? How old is freeway?

    These dudes were very younger when they linked up with Jay-Z. Now look at them. They are older, broke and frustrated.

  6. gay-z is 50yrs. beyonce is 38yrs and they are common negros. stop trying to make them more than what they are. and yes their are black russians bet gay and hip pad ain't. gay -z be rapping since the 80s but his music never went anyware her is around the same age as doggie fresh,and biz mar key. the youngst rapper is ll cool jay period.