Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Truth About Spencer Pratt:

Funny - Spencer Pratt is actually the brains behind these so-called reality shows!

The Celebrity Black Book 2008: Over 55,000 Accurate Celebrity Addresses
By Jordan McAuley

Get Real!: The Untold Story: Sexy, Scary, Scandalous World of Reality TV!
By Mike Walker


  1. So, Spencer fake marriage was filmed for their reality show?

    Sitcoms are the new reality shows? Makes sense. These sitcomes are failing because everyone has turned to reality shows.

  2. The most hated reality celebrity on television is the one who created "reality" shows.

    It makes sense that Spencer knew that a sex tape exist between Brody and Lauren.

    Can someone produce a year book from this "private" school?

    This shit is hilarious!

  3. The Celebrity Black Book 2008?
    The Celebrity Black Book 2007?
    The Celebrity Black Book 2006?
    The Celebrity Black Book 2005?


    This truly explains HOW those camera men can easily walk up to a celebrity door to snap a picture.

    To hell with Hollyweird!

    My privacy is worth more than millions of dollars.

  4. and evenmore everyone on the hill cast is jewish. every last one.