Thursday, October 15, 2009

Queen Latifah:

Are you gay?


..if so, the queen of lesbianism is looking for five ladies to accompany her on tour.

These ladies will star in a few of her opening acts as she promotes her new album "Persona".

The ladies that are selected will appear in the print ad for the Covergirl Queen collection.

If you are over the age of 13, click here and don't forget to upload a one-minute video of yourself rapping and singing.

In addition, Latifah has requested that you provide a 250 word essay describing the reasons why you want to "Ignite Your Persona".


  1. Screw this big gay ass dyke bitch. I would go with her ass to the front curb.

  2. She's so gay and i bet that she was involved in the death of her brother. She was upset because his penis was bigger than hers.

  3. ^aw damn that was cold!

    I mean she's gay but she didn't deserve that lol

  4. Queen Latifah is just a big ole hermaphrodite.

    She deserve it.

    She continues to flaunt the lesbian girlfriend around but she has refused to come out of the closet.

    She keep telling everyone that she isn't gay but she has a girlfriend and it's the only girl that she's been with for how many years?

  5. Not only is the bitch a damn hermie, she is also a part of that satanic as fraternity, the black boule. I can't stand this trick. She first came on the scene with this Black empowerment movement, and now look at the fake bitch. She got rid of her crown, now her locks are all Fried, dyed and laid to the side. SELL OUT BITCH!!!!

  6. I hear she sacrifice her brother for fame. Thats how she got her t.v sitcoms, movie deals, cosmectic contracts etc. her wife is not gay but pretending to het Latifa's money. Money will make alot of people scre ops I mean do lol anything!!

  7. Queen FATLIFA.....have another cheeseburger, fat bitch!

  8. yes she sold her sold for fame wake up !they always make it like it was a accident to cover it up like always

  9. nikki got hiv they dumb for selling they souls for fame they was already going to have with out the l help. god going to win all the time stay true to god. you will have to meet up one day.