Thursday, October 15, 2009

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is preparing to release a greatest hits album titled, "Number Ones". Many websites are reporting that this album will hit the stores within the U.S.A on November 17th.

The album will consist of a 33 old tracks and 1 new track titled, "Make Me".


  1. Can somebody please tell me what happpened to this last child that Ms. Jackson (if your nasty) was carrying. Is this another case of "I will keep having children and dropping them off somewhere. These celebrities are the most sadistic bastards on the planet.

  2. They abort of give birth overseas and select a family member that lives overseas to raise the child.

    The laws are extremely lose overseas.

    Clearly she was pregnant.

  3. My point is this, are these celebrities hiding their children because they don't want their boule/illuminati puppet masters to know about their children. This could be done so they would have to sacrifice them to the Baphomet.

  4. If this is true then why bother to have any?

  5. ^what can you do if the baby is already conceived in the womb? some probably would feel guilty of having an abortion OR probably had too many already and the Doc said no more.

  6. PS: usually the 'kids' come out of woodwork if the guardian or parent can generate some INCOME for them. Just my two cent and *not* all of them pimp their children out

    even though it seems to be fad these days.