Friday, October 9, 2009

Method Man

..want you to know that it is very important to file your taxes!

According to Method Man:

"When you don't file, that's what happens. I'm learning my lesson...You've got to file. You can't be waiting for the last minute. And I hadn't spoken to my CPA in three or four years. I don't like things being blown out of proportion. Let's be clear. I didn't get arrested for not paying them. I got arrested for not filing. It's not a money thing, because I paid it."

The time has come for these so-called celebrities to handle their own affairs, especially if - not handling them - can lead to serving time in a jail.


  1. LOL! and as a smoker, I REALLY hate that he'd blame not filing on the weed. Um NO you just decided not to! Don't blame the grass for it.

    ALso, he had a CPA!

    Someone PLEASE send Method Man a copy of Turbo Tax lol [that's what I use]

  2. lol

    These so-called celebrities are quite laughable!

    Turbo Tax is free! They are too much idle time and don't know how to use it wisely.

    When will they take control of their own life? Monitor the funds that are coming in and don't rely on "paid" help to keep them out of jail.

    Lazy money makers.

    Boring so-called leaders within the entertainment field.

  3. You can't blame this on smoking weed. He placed all of his eggs in one basket. He hired help (the CPA) knew that he time was up two years ago.

    He should hang around regular folks. You see when regular folks are busy filing their taxes, these so-called celebrities are vacationing overseas and lose track of important shit that's taken place within the States.

    What's more important to them it a new movie role, a new album - you know shit that will bring in more money.

  4. Fuck Boule Ass Method man. The hell with all these no good Black entertainers they sold us out along time ago.