Friday, October 9, 2009

President Barack Obama:

Our Commander In Chief has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Rightfully so, President Barack Obama stepped gracefully into the "selected" position of Presidency and managed to unite all races. After spending nine months as President of The United States, he has pushed America forward and his critics aside.

Upon hearing that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, our Commander In Chief made the following statement:

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  1. He truly deserves this award.

    Name a president who managed to silence the world following their election?

    I mean everyone was filled with joy and his election was celebrated around the WORLD.

    He's a breath of fresh air. Every time i pick up a newspaper and i hear of a well known corrupt politician "silently" stepping down, i think of PEACE and i am filled with HOPE.

    Our Commander In Chief deserved this award.

    He has stepped outside of the stiffness of being "President of The United States" and added character to this prestigious role.

    If i can go back to the night he was selected as President or the night he was sworn in - i would.

    Just to feel the spirit of hope relax my soul.

    The spirit of peace...

    Congratulation, Mr. President!