Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Singer: Aubrey O'Day

A popular drug by the name of Melanotan is in high demand amongst celebrities and normal folks. Melanotan is a tanning supplement that's injected into the abdomen. It is known to boost one's libido, helps them to lose weight and darkens their skin tone for a long period of time. In all cases, the change is drastic! It's unknown if R&B singer Aubrey O'Day injects her abdomen with Melanotan -- the singer was spotted recently at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas wearing a Melanotanish tan.


  1. The next Kim K in the making. Only difference is this one actually has a brain which could make her dangerous.

  2. She's been trying to get out there since danity kane. all of those girls fell off. they were a hit as a group but none have picked up fame since leaving the group.

    she's more of a Pamela Anderson. She's the next Pamela Anderson with talent.

    But she's not putting her talent to use. She's wasting her talent and that Melanotan UGH!

    She look orange!

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