Monday, June 25, 2012

R.I.P: Michael Jackson

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  1. Three years have passed and it still feels like yesterday. The more I read about the chaos and deception that went on in this man's life, the harder it is to accept his loss. MJ was murdered. Plain and simple. And Murray is not alone in his involvment in MJs death. Cruel heartless people (demons) surrounded MJ. This man was not a puppet and refused to play along with the games of the PTB and they hated him for that. Here we have a black man who was posititive, and spoke of peace, and honestly wanting to make the world a better place. He wasn't calling people the N word or women hoes and bitches. Guess the PTB could not have that. It is so sad that he has been taken from us. He had so much to offer still and a fanbase that love him tremendously and miss him terribly. God bless him. May he now have the peace that alluded him most of his life.