Monday, May 14, 2012


Hulu has a web series entitled, "A Day In The Life" that follows well known celebrities as they task throughout the day. The first season included a feature on classical ballet dancer Misty Copeland and The Black Eyes Peas member Will.I.Am. The second season came to a close with a feature on The Roots frontman Questlove. During the season finale, Questlove allowed the crew to film him on set of the Jimmy Fallon Show and also during a DJ gig in New York. Click here to watch "A Day In The Life" season finale feature on Questlove.


  1. Quest body is shaped just like a female. He has ass for days. Where are his groupies? Why is he at home watching re-runs of the Jackson five?

    Have you see his childhood? He's losing his adulthood!

  2. Quest get of the treadmill. Stay away from those weights. You know better. Run! Jog! It's the only way that you will lose that female body. If you don't believe me, ask a female!