Thursday, April 5, 2012

Singer: Beyonce Knowles

Celebrated her 4th year wedding anniversary by sharing a set of personal photos with her fans through her tumblr account. According to Global Grind, Beyonce is set to release 150 photos to celebrate her 10 year relationship with rapper Jay-Z complete with private photos of the singer with members of her band and family.


  1. Desperate know Beyonce wants post personal pictures from her so-called relationship with Joe Camel. Times must be really hard for Beyonce...

  2. Look real close Solo is putting a dent in the belly.

  3. Mona ShakespeareApril 5, 2012 at 3:40 PM

    ^^ She sure is. I did not notice the first time looking at the picture.

  4. Times are really hard for Beyonce! It's taking her a long time to sell out of her concert in New Jersey.

    Now that she's made her first tweet and shared photos her fans will flock to her again.

    Jay-Z said Beyonce had a miscarriage, so you are probably looking at pictures before she miscarried.

    She's desperate for attention right now. If you were really pregnant why take your fans through all the bullshit? And only post two so-called baby bump pictures?

    Solange and Juelz are the only two pictured holding or touching your bump. And look at the shirt. She always wore clothes that make her midsection look like she was really pregnant.

    Clothes with prints or easy wind blowing clothes. I applaud Jessica Simpson and all other celebrities who actually carried their baby and wore whatever they felt like wearing.

    Beyonce is a fraud! Attention seeking. When all else fails...POST YOUR PRIVATE/PERSONAL photo.

    Did she see the movie, "My time with Marylin" She's def. having a Marilyn Monore moment without the blond hair.

  5. Solange hand is sinking into Beyonce's belly. lol

    A real pregnant belly is hard and round. Beyonce's was suppose to be hard and round because she had abs before she was supposedly pregnant.

    Girl bye!!!

  6. Beyonce is scheduled to perform three times over Memorial Day weekend at Revel Beach's Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    And if her fans responds well by purchasing tickets, this will determine if Jay-Z will receive the 150 million to cover her tour expenses.

  7. I am glad someone else called this out. I noticed the belly looks "squishy" too. I know that the belly can be hard and round when one is only 10 weeks along, this chica needs to have several seats. All she has left to "share" are her wedding videos, child birth videos, and a birth certificate a la Obama.