Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rapper: Jay-Z

"This triptych of photos, seemingly taken at the magic hour, offers a similar warmth, but at the same time, the POV of the viewer is clearly that of the cameraman. Beyoncé vamps for the camera, cracks up, and poses again. The person behind the camera — whose place we take, even for just an instant — is clearly the cause of her glee..." ---Anne Helen Petersen of the Gawker types as she lead readers into knowing that Beyonce's husband Jay-Z is the professional photographer behind photos posted on her tumblr page. As pictured above and below, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in St. Barts recently and the paparazzi captured the rapper with his professional camera snapping pictures of his wife Beyonce:


  1. lol he's her paparazzi

    as much as he hates the paparazzi, he became one. this time around, he's making money off the pictures he takes of his wife beyonce.

    Jay-Z is taking money away from the paparazzi lol

  2. That's the reason he's not in most of them. I guess when he does appear the goofy bodyguard is taking them.

  3. he will post personal photos he took of blue ivy next lol
    he's so afraid of going broke

  4. i'm sure he has a porn collection that he will sell to playboy when beyonce turns 85.

  5. lol that's how he pays the help and settle lawsuits lol
    he sells pictures of beyonce lol

  6. i bet the magic hour is at 4pm lol