Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was gunned down in the town of Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26 by the neighborhood crime-watch captain George Zimmerman. George has claimed self-defense and remains un-arrested. It was discovered that the teen didn't have a weapon on him, he left a corner store wearing a hoodie while holding a bag of skittles in his hand with an Arizona Ice Tea. State and federal authorities are still investigating and - all around the world, people are rallying for Justice. Justice for the innocent Trayvon Martin!


  1. Sad,this story has hit me hard. Trayvon has lost his life due to this punk bastard George, The media is covering up most of this shit.

  2. There is NO justification for the actions of the fat racist slob who killed Trayvon. This loser continued to follow this CHILD even when tje dispatcher told him not to. Trayvon was doing NOTHING wrong when he was approached/harassed by this no life havimg racist waste of oxygen. This LOSER utrered "fucking coons" on the tape. This is a hate crime pure and simple. How the hell can a person kill another and simply say it was self defense and go home? Trayvon was UNARMED!. This fat coward outweighs this child by hunndreds of pounds. Trayvon was hardly a threat. How is it self defense when the FOOL was pursuing him? Trayvon was the one in danger......obviously. Justice for Trayvon!!! We all know it was not the damn hoodie that made Trayvon "suspicious". Trayvon was killed because of hate by a stupid maniac who deserves the death penalty.

  3. An all around sad situation. I wear hoodies all the time and can easily be mistaken for a young black boy IF i'm leaving the gym.

    I don't understand why the neighborhood watchman isn't in jail. He's not even a real cop!

    Justice for Trayvon!!

  4. Every year, a race related case develops from down south makes the news. I'm so sadden by this case right here.

    Mistakes aren't made when a person pulls out a gun and SHOOTS. You had time to think about the situation before you pulled that gun out from under your waist.

    What happened to firing a warning shot? What happened to reading the target their rights before you open fire?

    Justice for Trayvon!

  5. Extremely sad. Even if he had to shoot, why not the foot or somewhere that won't terminate his life. You Americans need to look into gun laws. These racists are just getting away with a lot of stuff. May justice be done. Amen.