Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Singer: Chris Brown

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna engaged? A tabloid based in Australia seems to think so and was bold enough to run the story on the front cover of their latest issue...


  1. Jayz is going to have a damn fit. As for Rihanna, she can kiss her career goodbye because Joe Camel is not puting up with her antics.. Chris Brown needs to stop thinking about his dick and focused on his career just saying. The public is somewhat forgiving Chris Brown; he needs to stop effing up with his bad ass decision. Grow up man!!!

  2. Jay-Z is not the one to be directing someone's love life.

    His Wife faked her own pregnancy and they hired a surrogate to carry their child.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown were a HOT item. He messed that up by putting his hands on her. Maybe it was once or maybe it was twice but dude learned his lesson!

    Jay-Z had too many problems to be worried about Rihanna and Chris Brown.

    Rihanna and Chris were becoming the next Jay-Z and Beyonce, but their union was REAL and Jay-Z couldn't handle that!

    No ONE cares about Jay-Z and Beyonce NO ONE!

  3. Chris Brown is young.
    Rihanna is young.

    When you are young, you make a lot of misstakes. These misstakes are suppose to mold you into becoming a better person.

    Chris and Rihanna are young and have learned from their misstakes.

    Let's move on! if i was Chris, i wouldn't go back because Jay-Z will always have ill feelings towards him and the closer he is to Rihanna, the closer he becomes to Jay-Z. Meaning, jay-Z will have better access to Chris and we all know that Jay-Z and his entourage can't be trusted!

  4. I have nothing againt Rihanna and Chris Brown hooking up. It is just Joe Camel has been trying to sabotage Chris Brown career evey chance he gets. Why you think Chris Brown police report just surface recently? Jayz is evil, he not the type a person you want to mess with especially if you are in the industry. "Rihanna and Chris were becoming the next Jay-Z and Beyonce, but their union was REAL and Jay-Z couldn't handle that". I agree...

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  6. I want to believe that he has changed, but something tells me that he hasn't. Neither of them need to be in a relationship with ANYONE right now. They need to both be in counseling to hash out their issues with their shaky upbringings. Rihanna needs to go to DV counseling too; she is exhibiting classic symptoms of battered woman syndrome. My heart goes out to them both.

  7. They deserve each other. They strike me as masochistic people. Have violent fights and end up with violent sex.

  8. That is not good I love Chris Brown he is going to have a bad wife with Rihanna

  9. I personally don't know why ppl take so much time and energy worrying about what Chris & Rihanna are doing. First of all you don't know these ppl in real life. And who are you to judge whats wrong or right when it comes to their relationship. Some of you that are quick to criticize have been in similar situations or worse. Rihanna and Chris Brown's career clearly has no bearing on their relationship decisions, because ppl said how much they hate Chris after everything happened but how many albums did he still end up selling in the midst of the scandal!?? EXACTLY...just leave it alone already. it's so old.