Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Singer: Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce was spotted for the first time since giving birth the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy. The singer was spotted arriving at her husband Jay-Z performance at Carnegie Hall last night. For more pictures, click here.


  1. Easy for her to lose weight seeing how she had her surrogate carry Blue Ivy...

  2. It's all about the numbers in New York City. She stepped out four weeks after the birth of her daughter.

    Beyonce didn't give birth, so there's no baby weight to lose.

  3. Blue was born on January 6!

    Jay-Z Schedules a concert on the 6 and 7th at Carnegie Hall.

    Beyonce steps out a month after giving birth. Blue was born on January 6.

    Jay-Z is working on becoming the first rap solo artist to perform at the Superbowl Halftime (next year).

  4. Beyonce had a boob job lol


  5. Lots of surgery been done on that one! Sorry, but hip implants and boob implants 'she' still looks like a man in phenomenal drag.

  6. While her surrogate was giving birth, Beyonce was getting work done! Do you recall the extra bed in the delivery room? Beyonce got work done while her surrogate gave birth.

    There was no other reason to validate the reason why Beyonce stayed in the hospital over 24 hours.

    Beyonce's surrogate works in Rockville, MD. She took a month off and came back to work with a tan and baby weight. And never told a sole that she was pregnant but we all knew.

  7. She's spanish and a devout Catholic. She agreed to have beyonce's baby

  8. BTW, they are calling Beyonce "Bouncy" now with the new boobs.

  9. @3:20

    I still say she's undetectable. Even though the lack of weight gain around this surrogate pregnancy is bringing more people to the truth.