Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter

It's time for Blue Ivy to receive her first of many check ups and as a result, Beyonce Knowles was spotted recently having lunch with what was suppose to be Blue Ivy hidden under a blanket. There's a buzz floating underground that goes, "It wasn't Blue Ivy under that blanket...the surrogate was at the hospital in Manhattan w/ Blue while Jay-Z and Beyonce had lunch at Sant Ambroeus cafe and espresso bar in the West Village.."...


  1. I saw all of the pictures and i didn't see one diaper bag. I'm glad she took off the heels tho'.

    A baby that month old kneck isn't strong enough to sit upright in a sling or whatever you call that thing she has strapped in front of her.

    These pictures wasn't taken on a Saturday either. lol

    Beyonce fools again.

  2. Baby Carriers. Look this up on Amazon. Blue must be older than one month to fit in this.

    What happened to a car seat for newborns? How about a real stoller?

    Where did she place Blue when they sat to eat? In a high chair? lol

    Or maybe a nanny held blue while Jay-Z and Beyonce ate "lunch"..


  3. Beyonce fools again. lol

  4. Who takes a one month old baby to eat at a restuarant?

  5. She's breastfeeding lol

    Beyonce Knowles seems to have taken her role as a first-time mother seriously. The R&B singer, who has just been set to star in Ryan Murphy's latest musical project "One Hit Wonders", has even been spotted breastfeeding her seven-week-old baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, at her table in a New York City restaurant recently.

    Multiple eyewitnesses, according to Us Weekly, claimed to have seen the "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" hitmaker nursing her first child with husband Jay-Z in public last Saturday, February 25. At the time, she was enjoying a casual lunch with the "Glory" rapper at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village.

    When leaving the eatery, the 30-year-old singer was seen holding Blue Ivy in a blue BabyBjorn, and hid the newborn from paparazzi's camera with a black Donni Charm scarf. The next day, she was spotted cradling her daughter in an exotic leopard-print wrap by Baby Bjorn when out and about in the Big Apple again.

    Knowles gave birth to Blue Ivy on January 7. In a joint statement, she and her music mogul husband described their daughter's birth as "emotional and extremely peaceful." Saying they "are in heaven," they added, "We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support." In February, the couple released the first photos of their baby girl.


  7. Imagine that: The oh so private Beyonce breastfeeding in public?

    She's a joke!

  8. The last time i read something about Beyonce, she hired four nannies to care for blue.

    If she's breastfeeding, that's less work for the nannies.

    Kimora Lee breastfeed her son and it was done by use of a pump.

    She would sneak into a private room to pump too.

    Why would Beyonce get out of a dark tinted custom made million dollar van to eat and breastfeed in a public restuarant?

    Is she that hungry for attention?

    If Blue is really One month, she's big for her age. And i agree, her kneck isn't strong enough to rest comfortable in a frontal baby carrier.

    Beyonce is trying so hard to prove to everyone that she carried blue.

    Btw, Jay-Z has a son and a daughter. Blue (his daughter) was born a few weeks before his son.

  9. Both births were by surrogates. The next time you see Beyonce strolling with a fake baby in a baby carrier in NYC, you better run to the hosptial where blue was born because that surrogate is with blue getting her second check-up. I think it's 4 weeks, 2 months, etc.

    Only the surrogate (the person who actually gave birth) can bring the baby in for these monthly check-ups.

    BTW, where is Blue's birth certificate? Did they produce a fake one yet?

  10. lol

    Please show me one picture of Beyonce entering the hospital to receive her monthly follows-up before and after her so-called pregnancy.

    She's a joke!

  11. So fake, it's sickening!

  12. Still searching for a pair of baby legs. When Beyonce was breastfeeding at the spot, did anyone hear Blue Ivy cry? lol

    Guess she was too busy sucking on a tit. lol

  13. Got some tea for you guys....

    is NOT as innocent as you guys would like to think she is.

    1. Rita Ora-Jay Z and Beyonce have threesomes with new songstress Rita Ora. Beyonce and Rita have a close relationship, if you know what I mean. Beyonce likes to get it on with Rita without Jay Z, which has caused strains in their relationship. THINK ABOUT IT, why else would Beyonce, who is very insecure when it comes to other female acts have Rita Ora, a pretty young thang around her husband 24/7? Beyonce didn't like Rihanna especially since Jay Z had a affair with her and thats why they are rarely photoed together even though Beyonce and Jay Z consider her a "little sister".
    2. Beyonce was not PREGNANT- Yeah, I know this tired old rumor again? Well its NOT a rumor. Beyonce had a surrogate which means her eggs and Jay Z's sperm were used but she didn't carry the baby. That is why the timing was so off and the whole pregnancy was rushed. She announced the pregnancy in August and already gave birth on January 7th . She knew her loyal hardcore fan base wouldn't question her, white media wouldn't care enough to question her and the people with an actually brain would be labelled haters for questioning her pregnancy. Half of the reason is because Beyonce didn't want to lose her figure and the other half is because Beyonce realized her music wasn't as popular as it was before. '4' didn't necessarily flop but you have to admit it didn't do huge superstar numbers that Beyonce is used too. She wanted that fame back and nothing brings more fame than a baby. Beyonce's surrogate is unknown latina female.

    3.Cathy White-Jay Z's fingers are all over this. He got rid of her and Beyonce is happy. Thats all you need to know.

    4.Jay Z and Beyonce don't sleep in the same room-They try to play up a huge front like they are a picture perfect happy couple but they can't stand each other behind doors. There is a power struggle. Beyonce wants control but Jay Z needs it.

    5. Beyonce is not as dumb as you think.-Its a front, she is not a good speaker but she is far from stupid. She hates that some people few her as a stupid singer and is trying to change that.

    6. Blue Ivy-Beyonce rarely takes care of her, she has several nannies and they all do the hard work. She is not mother material, all she wants to do is sing and dance. She doesn't have a bond with Blue Ivy.

    7. Jay Z on the other hand.-Can't get enough of his new daughter and is obsessed with her looks. He doesn't want her to look like him at all, she thinks it will ruin her. Jay Z is very insecure about his looks after hearing he is ugly all his life and even hearing it from his own wife.
    Beyonce is a heavy drinker. She has done cocaine before but not frequently. She smokes weed from time to time.
    Jay Z's true love is a woman from Brooklyn. He still visits and takes care of her but they do not have a sexual relationship.
    Cathy White had threatened to reveal her relationship with Jay Z and that's why she was killed.
    This is legit tea but people are not believing it because of who its about.
    Its sad. Thats how Beyonce and Jay Z will never fall from the top. Too many gullible people out here worshiping them.

    1. Oh wow, did a close insider give u all this info or do u hang out with them, lol...

  14. ^^^Good tea Mona!

  15. Thank you for keeping it REAL Mona! Juicy Tea!!

    "Beyonce had a surrogate which means her eggs and Jay Z's sperm were used but she didn't carry the baby."

    To be honest with you, you can't insert a women's eggs into another women. That's a medical fact.

    1. Ummmm, yeah.. u can thats what a surrogate does, lol

  16. I'm glad you enjoying both Truthfully Speaking and Andi K.

  17. She needs to go to a fertility specialist. They need to get her eggs extracted then fertilized by sperm they they would need to do invetro into a surrogate mom. In addition she will defiantly need to speak to a lawyer to tie up the legalities

  18. Treatment: What to expect
    First, you'll decide whether to use a friend or family member's eggs, an anonymous donor's eggs, or, if your partner's sperm aren't healthy, donor embryos — the combined sperm and eggs of known or anonymous donors.

    If you decide on an anonymous egg donor, you can find her through your fertility clinic. You'll usually be able to choose based on her physical characteristics, ethnic background, educational record, and occupation. Most donors are between 21 and 29 years old and have undergone psychological, medical, and genetic screening. Ask how your clinic screens candidates — some do less extensive tests and background checks than others. If you choose to use donor embryos, you can either pick unrelated egg and sperm donors or use a frozen embryo donated by a couple that had extras.

    Once you pick a donor, both you and she will take Lupron, a synthetic hormone, or birth control pills to get your reproductive cycles in sync — she needs to ovulate when your uterine lining can support an embryo. She'll also take a fertility drug to help her develop several mature eggs for fertilization, while you will receive estrogen and progesterone to prepare your uterus for pregnancy. Once her eggs are mature, your doctor will give her an anesthetic and remove her eggs from her ovaries by inserting a needle through her vaginal wall using an ultrasound for guidance.

    From here on out, the procedure is just like that of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Your partner's sperm or a donor's sperm will be combined with your donor's eggs in a dish in a laboratory. Two to five days later, each of the fertilized eggs will be a ball of cells called an embryo. Your doctor will insert two to four embryos into your uterus through your cervix using a thin catheter. Although it's not a common practice, many experts say couples should consider transfer of a single embryo to avoid the risk of twins or triplets. Extra embryos, if there are any, may be frozen in case this cycle doesn't succeed. If the treatment does succeed, an embryo will implant in your uterine wall and continue to grow into a baby. In about 40 percent of ART pregnancies using donor eggs, more than one embryo implants itself and women give birth to multiples.

  19. Wow, I had no idea sooooo many people r so skeptical about Beyonce careying a kid. I for one don't believe the negative. For those of u saying a one mnth old culdnt hold its head up like tht, cant u c she's supporting the bby's head??? And where r these breast feeding photos??? And where 's the surrogate, u people say u wna c pics of her goin to the hospital how bout where 's the so called surrogate. How bout there isn't one!!!!!!!!!!! Geesh people r so bored when u gotta make up a story about someone faking being prego, ugh...