Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The following was submitted by an anonymous reader:
I was watching X factor the other day and have this theory and strange feeling that Rachel Crow is Beyonce's daughter and Etta James is her grandmother. Rachel has an uncanny resemblance to Etta James. The singing talent has been passed down for 3 generations (usually musical talent is passed down). It is documented and admitted by her adoptive parents that Rachel Crow was a crack baby and her parentage is unknown. Maybe this story was planted and made up to make a believable story of how Rachel surfaced. Clearly, Rachel is being groomed and shows signs of being MK ULTRA like Beyonce & Etta. That breakdown was also a way to catapult her into the Hollywood stratosphere. Also, during the the breakdown, she showed signs of multiple personality & bipolar disorder. I found it very strange that she went from 1 to 10 & screaming to her adoptive mother that winning was promised to her which is also an indication that she is being groomed. Beyonce is a known sex slave for rich white execs & has had many abortions. I am sure she had a baby during her nearly 40 years on this planet & this child was taken from her & passed off as a crack baby & now is being groomed & called the next Beyonce/Etta James. There is no mistake how producers had Rachel Crow sing Etta James "I'd Rather go blind" & Beyonce's "If I were a boy". Just like it was no mistake casting Beyonce in Cadillac Records as Etta James. I believe Beyonce & Rachel have White ancestry & Etta James father is a White man- whose parentage is unknown too. The looks are uncanny between the three & like Etta James who was a sex slave too, she had a child and it was taken away from her and groomed to be Beyonce. Matthew Knowles adopted her or she was given to him & Tina & they raised her has their own. Etta James was high most of her life so I am sure she does not recall giving birth & as much brainwashing going on- it makes sense. Rachel Crow is Beyonce's daughter by a white older man. The TRUTH will come out!
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  1. Yeah, I don't buy this one. I do believe that she has other kids out there, but I don't think this one is it. As for the sex slave stuff, not so sure either- she is def into some diabolical isht though.

  2. The first time i saw Rachel i thought about Etta James.

    Etta James has many children that were sold to stable familes.

    If Rachel is really Etta James daughter, why are they placing her on the same path as Etta James? You know, career wise?

  3. And Beyonce hired a surrogate to carry her child.

    And Beyonce doesn't know the parentage of her surrogate and i'll pray that they don't kill this lady after she give birth to Jay-Z and Beyonce's child.

  4. There's a pattern here. Tina Knowles doesn't know the parentage of her family nor did Matthew Knowles.

  5. @8:09

    I was thinking the same thing!

  6. This might sound out there..But maybe.Rachel is an Etta.clone..Some kind of expieriment..You never know..