Friday, December 16, 2011

Mary J. Blidge

"I said that I wished that I had parents like that...I’m Mary J Blige, I’m me. I would never say I envy Beyonce’s life or any other female artist…" - R&B singer Mary J. Blige clears up a floating rumor that says she envys Beyonce life at WGCI Chicago on The Morning Riot Show. To view the actual video, click here.


  1. Beyonce's parents are not even perfect. Wake up Mary J. Blige hell you have accomplish more than Beyonce could dream about. At least you earn your career by hard work.

  2. ^ Bet she was ordered from the staff at WGCI to refrain from asking questions about Beyonce's pregancy.

  3. I expect so much more from her. Its sick to see another celebrity Stanning for such a vapid, classless hoochie.