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Monday, December 26, 2011


Drake's love for the late singer Aaliyah is no secret, but we didn't know that he had her face tatted on his back. This past weekend, a photo of Drake playing tennis with his shirt off hit the web, and from the looks of it, Aaliyah's face has been inked on Drizzy's back. --- DamnAnthony reports for


  1. Drake is a wee bit obssessed with Aaliyah a little bit too much. Baby girl has guys going crazy over her when she has past away. First, Timbaland admitting on national tv on his little special. Saying how he loves Aaliyah, and admit he married his wife because she resembles AALIYAH. Now, Drake has a tattoo of Aaliyah. I do not know the affect Aaliyah has on these dude. I wish I had her MOJO.

  2. Craze!

    I also heard that shortly after that interview aired with Timberland, his wife is considering a divorce.

  3. I saw his e true Hollywood story and there appeared to be no chemistry between Timbaland and his wife what so ever!!! Another thing his mother stated that she was against the marriage at first, but then relented because his wife is a nice girl. BULLSHIT! His mammie didn't want him with that trick because she already had 2 damn kids! 2 sons! Timbaland best friend, whose last name is Pettway appeared on the special and appeared flagrant like a MF! That's who Tim really in love wit! Also he spoke about an accident dat he was involved in where a sister lost her life. Was it sacrifice?

  4. @1:01 "Also he spoke about an accident dat he was involved in where a sister lost her life. Was it sacrifice" Could be.... I always thought Mr. Timbaland was gay there was no denying this.