Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian

The bachelor and bachelorette parties for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were held yesterday at seperate locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The female friendships within the Kardashian family met for dinner at TAO Bistro at the Venetian. Shortly after their dinner gathering, the group met up with party guest at TAO's nightclub. As the picture shows, Kim was decked out in a tiara and a "Tao Bachelorette" sash.

The reality star's fiance, Kris Humphries bachelor bash was held at Lavo and Kim crashed his event at around 2am. Within her 10 minute stay, the reality star stole a kiss from her NBA beau and departed his bacheler party.

Kim tweeted the following prior to closing out the night, "Amazing nite! DJVice killed it! The ladies shut down Tao @lala @simoneharouche @KourtneyKardash @KhloeKardashian @jOYCEBONELLi @larsapippen"


  1. this has to be one fake ass wedding to keep the family on the E network, dont hate them but I just want them to go away.

  2. GTHFOH Kim just go away.

  3. Wow they are actually wearing other colors other than their usual black white or leopard??