Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Memory Of...


  1. It has been a minute since I have visited this site and when I do, the first thing I see is a tribute to MJ who I have loved and been a fan of since childhood. It still doesn't make sense to me that he is gone. "In memory of" "Remembering Michael Jackson", etc just doesn't seem real. I am still so very saddened by the news of his passing. It is still so hard to accept. Love and respect to Michael Jackson. Been a fan for most of my life and I will be for the rest of it.

    Love you most Michael.

  2. Growing up in the 80's, i use to stay up late to watch Michael Jackson perform on award shows.

    He left behind a lot of great music and music videos.

    We can always watch him on a concert DVD. Michael left his mark on the industry and even though he's gone, his music will live on.

  3. MJs mark on this world is immeasureable. There is no denying this man and his talent no matter how the media continues to lie on him. His humanitarian efforts are just as big as his musical accomplishments. He was genuine with his chartitable contributions and had a sincere heart towards trying to make this world a better place. Sadly, he passed with the stigma of being a molester attached to him and those who chose to believe it and/or just hate him continue to force others to believe he was indeed a monster. Nothing could have been further from the truth. MJ was an innocent wonderful man who made his mark on this world and NO ONE will take that away from him. He is remembered for his talent and his humanitarian efforts. Despite, what Demon Diamond, racist ass Tom Sneedon tried to do, MJ is remembered fondly and lovingly by not only his fans but by those who learned he was not what the media(loid) portrayed him to be. He is simply the best. Love you forever, Michael!!!!

  4. I absolutely adore this man. Wish he was here. However, knowing now what all this poor man dealt with (lies, deciet, betrayal greed, jealousy x 100)on the daily, it is better now that he has sweet peace. My heart breaks more as I learn more about his life and how he was betrayed by those he thought were trust worthy. Like, Martin BaShit, for instance. MJ actually told this fraud that he was better than those who contribute to the tabloids. As it turned out, he was no better. He is just as gutter as the rest. That mockumentary was a slap in MJs face. However, MJ was a clever man and had is own crew recording because he knew how the media lies, epecially on him and was prepared to deal with the just in case and I am glad he did. After that fiasco, MJ rebuttal programmed aired hosted by Maury Povich that showed what was really said and what REALLY happened. All those involved in the ridicule of this man will reap what they have sown. That law applies to all. They will not be exempt. Racist Sneedon, hateful and pathetic Diane Dimond, bashit, Mottola, Branca etc. Their day is coming and it wont be too long. MJ did not the treatment he received from these clowns. All because MJ would not give up what is rightfully his, they felt the need to "destroy" him. I tell you. Jealous and greed is a dangerous combination. Well, they may have tried to destroy him. But, from what I see, it did not work. The more I search, the more support I find for MJ and it makes me feel so good to see that I am not alone.....not in the least bit.
    Michael Jackson 1958-FOREVER!!

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