Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update: Beyonce Knowles

According to online reports, the picture above is the official album cover for Beyonce's new album. The album is set to hit shelves on June 28th of this year, making this Beyonce's second summer release, (the first was her second album 'Dangerously In Love').

The singer debuted the video for her new single 'Run the World (Girls)' last night on American Idol. On a taped segment for the show, the singer served as a celebrity mentor who offered up vocal advice for the three remaining contestants.


  1. Beyonce pictures remind me of Shakira.

  2. oh your right! damn again!from shakiras first english album laundry service.

  3. She has morphed herself into Shakira. Remember she said she wish she was Latin and her alter ego is based on Shakira. The weave adn dance moves are Shakira. Bey is pitiful.

  4. I am glad you post Shakira first English Album because I think this is the look Beyonce was trying to copy

  5. @mona shake thanks and yelp she copied as usual.

  6. @7:45 No problem. Well according to Judicary Report Beyonce has indeed ripped off another artist.
    Internet users are slamming Beyonce for this unoriginality. This week Beyonce also premiered a new song entitled "1+1" which is already being panned by people online. Ironically, Beyonce's "1+1" is a dead rip off the 1960's song "Wonderful World" Sam Cooke, few of the copyright infringing lyrics are:
    Sam: but I do know one and one is two
    Beyonce: but I know one plus one equals two
    Sam: don't know much about trigonometry
    Beyonce: I don't know much about algebra
    Sam: Don't know much about the French I took
    Beyonce: I don't know much about fighting
    Sam: what a wonderful world this could be
    Beyonce: when the world's at war

    Then Beyonce copy Lorella performance on the Billboard Awards 2011 recently.