Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rapper: 50 Cent

"It feels good for me to learn more about my actual history...A lot of people don't know but i'm adopted. Yeah, my grandmother adopted me after my mother passed away. So she's like my legal guardian. My grandparents were from out here so the last time I was out here I was like six years old." ----Rapper 50 cent reveals in an upcoming documentary titled, "50 Cent: The Origin Of Me". The documentary will air Monday, May 23rd on VH1.


  1. 50 Cent, it's your grandmother. It was her responsibility to care for you after her daughter died.

    Grandmother's don't need to adopt. Unless she needed papers to validate her status as his legal guardian to pick up a SSI check.

  2. Yo what the hell is up Wit this brother's brow bone? He looks right damn ape-ish!

  3. @ Anony 1:20, she would have had to. A lot of schools and such won't let you access the child without legal papers otherwise. Never knew he was adopted though.