Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotted: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is also in London, the singer turned actress was spotted outside of the exclusive Mayfair Hotel. With the help of her Weight Watchers diet, the singer weighs under 170lbs and can fit into a US size 6.


  1. Yo is it me or does Jennifer's head look like it on the wrong body. Her head looks big as fuck y'all!! I'm not feeling this phony bitch at all.

  2. ^^^ No, it is not just you Jennifer loss too much weight and now she has the Star Jones big head effect. I put this way some people are meant to be fat everyone is not meant to be skinny. This is just my opinion.

  3. Thank You Mona.

    These two have a lot of stretch marks and extra skin that they want to get rid of.

    Some people are meant to be fat; for example Kelly Price. She bones can't support the weight loss. She's naturally hippie and after she lost the weight, she can't get rid of those thighs.

  4. I think J. Hud looks stunning! :-)

  5. J. Hud looks great. It's amazing, it's not easy to lose weight. I applaud her.
    Love J Hud.