Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singer: Beyonce

Yesterday, Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z were spotted out on a Parisian stroll in Paris, France. Today, the singer and her husband were spotted gearing up to catch an outbound flight to their next destination.

Departing from France


  1. Beyonce is a liar, the first lady is NOT involved with this mess right here. I just places a very informative call and was told the first lady has her own 'Let's Move' campaign and is NOT Affiliated with any other workout campaigns/videos. If so Beyonce would have to wear appropriate LET'S MOVE attire and promote the First Lady's message, NOT HER OWN .She IS NOT THE SPOKESMODEL FOR LET'S MOVE..The First Lady is working with others , The NBA and the WNBA, with psa and event around the country, not beyliar. She's NO WHERE to be found on the site promoting the LETS MOVE or psa/events for it..GO to www.letsmove.gov and search beyonce and see what comes up.............NOTHING......So its no wonder she or the kids involved were not wearing Let's Move T shirts , or using the Let's Move logo anywhere in the video. she couldn't, it wasn't approved.. Damn liar, using ANYBODY to stay relevant, even the first Lady and Americas kids.....utterly sad indeed

  2. ^^^I'm so glad you said this. I just posted it on my blog. I'm SICK and tired of this woman.