Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink Lady Brooke-Lynn

Pictures and Video clips of Pink Lady Brooke-Lynn who gave NewYork DJ Mister Cee a blowjob seems to be this weeks hot topic. Despite a change in recorded stories, the Pink Lady admits and then denies that a lewd act was committed on March 30th. As pictures surface of the Pink Lady, one has to wonder if she's related to American's Next Top Model Judge Miss J TMZ would say, "I'm just saying":


  1. Damn Brook-Lyn does look like Miss. J. I read somwhere Funkmaster Flex & Charlemagne Have Radio Beef Over Mister Cee.

    Apparently, Flex didn’t take too kindly to his friend being discussed on the morning radio show, leading him to “address” the situation later on during his music set. During his late night radio show, Flex spent five minutes going in abo

    ut how the charges against Cee were untrue (even though there are mug shots of the two online), while continually launching that if certain people kept saying otherwise, that payback would be coming. Flex didn’t end there, during his thinly veiled attacks, he said, “I know everything that goes on in that building… You know who I’m talking about. You know the shot I’m sending today. You know the gun I’m loading up today. The choice is yours.”

    My thing is why is Funkmaster Flex defending Mr. Cee but this is the same man will put his hands on a female in a drop of a dime. I think Brooke-Lynn knows some shit it would not surprise me if Brooke-Lynn mess ariund with other industry heads. This is just my two sense.

  2. Watch how Brooke disappears. No one will knock him off but he will take female hormone pills to become a female and get a much needed sex change operation.

    He looks too much like Miss J. How did Miss J get his start in Hollywood and how did this hooker get that close to a popular DJ in NYC on Hot 97 at that???