Monday, April 4, 2011

Ghostwriter: Jesse Kramer

"Kramer has verse ($99.99), song ($349.99), hook ($49.99) and album (price varies) packages available for purchase, and ordering is simple. Tell Kramer your expectations, rap style, subject matter, level of obscenity, artistic influences and regional slang preferences and he does the rest..." --- Gerrick D. Kennedy reveals as ghostwriter Jesse Kramer shares his online approach to selling custom-made lyrics, hooks and verses to the Hip Hop and Rap community.

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  1. Damn dude is talented now it makes me wonder how many rappers are using ghost writers.

  2. Nicki Minaj is directly linked to Kramer. Sometimes he gets credit and sometimes he doesn't.

    Lil Kim should contact Kramer for her next CD or diss track.

  3. I keep telling ya'll that Nicki don't write her own music.

    Google search ester dean. She wrote some songs for Nicki Minaj.

    1. Hell yeah u right i look it up she just a actor

  4. In 2010, she co-wrote on Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass", a bonus track for the rapper's debut album Pink Friday.

  5. I know this is random but check out the Nicki Minaj rapping guide. And this is what some of the younger people think of Nicki's rapping skills as being deep. The joke is on them. guide to nicki minaj type rhymes.

    You’re Nicki Minaj (or any Young Money rapper) and you have to write a 16-bar verse in 5 minutes.


    You’re writing 16 lines, so that’s 4 rhyme series.

    Lines 1-4: Rhyme Series A, 5-8: Rhyme Series B, 9-12: Rhyme Series C, 13-16: Rhyme Series D

    Now the good thing about this is that your rhymes can be really simple because you’re Nicki Minaj.

    You might notice that the rhymes I use in this tutorial aren’t simple enough for Nicki Minaj.

    Let’s do A first.

    Step 1: Think of 4 things that rhyme. They don’t have to relate to each other. List them all:

    Go to bed
    Loaf of bread

    Step 2: Place a phrase before each rhyme that links with it.

    Now these rhymes have nothing to do with each other but we can link them together poorly (because we’re Nicki Minaj) with some boasting cliches. Let’s start with “go to bed”:

    N*ggas always sleep on me… go to bed

    Now for “overfed.” Ah, that’s to do with eating, so we can recall another boasting cliche: being hungry.

    No one as hungry in this game… overfed

    Now “loaf of bread.” How can “loaf of bread” be turned into a boasting cliche? Ah, bread is made of dough. Nicki Minaj is known for witlessly boasting about her money (see: Monster).

    N*ggas know I got the dough… loaf of bread

    Now “motorhead.” Well, she’s bragging about money… may as well brag about cars. “Coat of red” could work as an internal rhyme.