Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotted: Beyonce Knowles

The singer was spotted today in New York City en route to a business meeting as she prepares for the release of her 4th studio album:


  1. I swear it feels like Beyonce has 10 albums by now. I am surprise to see the number 4. Well I guess I will be listening to my ipod because a Beyonce overload will be hear soon. I am not looking forward to this.

  2. You know she always steals and i'm lookin forward to the number of out of court settlements to hit her new album.

  3. The 29-year-old may be well connected in the music industry as she is a superstar and is married to rapper Jay-Z.

    But she has chosen Dave Taylor, also known by his DJ name Switch, as one of the top producers on her new record.

    Switch has worked on a number of tunes for the Glastonbury headliner, who wants to re-invent herself with her fourth album.

    Dave has managed to climb to the top of the music industry in just a few years and has previously remixed tracks for stars such as Lily Allen and Fatboy Slim.