Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Singer: Justin Bieber

As you already know, Singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sealed their relationship by stepping out as a duo. However, Justin and Selena's fans are having a difficult time accepting that their friendship has blossomed into a relationship. The newly sealed couple were spotted recently leaving Maggiano's at The Grove in Los Angeles and it seems as if the media is at a frenzy over these two. Is it possible to ease up a little...?


  1. Imagine this:

    Getting your driver's license at age 16.
    Stepping out with your first girlfriend at age 17 in celebration of your birthday.

    While in the car, you are being forced to drive fast because a group of camera men are trying to take pictures of you and your girlfriend....

  2. Oh please ^^^^ save that for the stans. First that's his beard not girlfriend. Second he has enough credits he could hire a driver.

  3. ^lol

    So if he crash because the paparazzi's are chasing him then what?

  4. He still look like a she.