Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rapper Snoop Dogg

The rapper Nate Dogg was laid to rest yesterday in Long Beach California. Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante were among the list of celebrities who attended the homegoing service for their good friend Nathaniel 'Nate Dogg' Dwayne Hale:

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  1. After all these years, Snoop finally admitted that Nate Dog was blending church melodies with
    Hip Hop and Rap music.


    He had rappers talking about drugs, sex e.t.c while a hip hop beat played over a church melody?

    How foul!

  2. Snoop Dogg said: "He was a loving, caring individual. If you listen to his music, he took church melodies and flipped it with hip-hop. I'm so honoured, so happy that you gave me the opportunity, God, to know Nate Dogg. I want to stand here and cry, but I have to have the strength for you Nate Dogg."

  3. @8:02 I so did not know that about Nate Dogg was blending church melodies with Hip Hop and Rap music. Some of those songs were raunchy as hell.

  4. Yep! And he was so wrong for doing that. If you know church music you will not forget the melodies.

    If you read about Nate Dogg's start in the music business, he started singing in the church and before he died, he started a gospel group. He returned to his church to start a rap group.

    I am shocked that no one picked up on Snoop's quote. How can someone use church melodies in hip hop and rap songs?

    That's why people enjoy the music and didn't pay that much attention to the lyrics unless they were cursing.

    Hopefully BET will explore the melodies behind today's Hip Hop music.

    How many songs in hip hop are filled with church melodies

  5. He returned to his church when he became ill to start a gospel group.

  6. In the end, guess he thought about how wrong it was to use church melodies for hip hop and rap music and decided to turn his life over to GOD and give back by starting a gospel group.

  7. @12:26 I strongly doubt BET will research Gospel melodies in Rap music. BET is now owned by Viacom and you know how this goes. You will be better off by posting Youtube videos showing how rap music has sample Gospel music. Speaking of Nate Choir.

    ‘American Idol’s’ Jacob Lusk Was in Nate Dogg’s Gospel Choir

    Current “American Idol” contestant Jacob Lusk is taking the death of Nate Dogg particularly hard.

    The singer – who became a favorite of “Idol” fans for his dramatic, Luther-like vocal performances – in 2007 auditioned for and won membership in LA gospel group InNate Praise, which was formed by Nate himself.

    According to sources for TMZ, “it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    “Jacob and Nate’s relationship blossomed over the next two years … as Jacob performed with the group at churches around L.A. County,” TMZ reports.

    In this video — shot in 2007 — Nate and Jacob are both hanging out in Nate’s studio in North Hollywood.

  8. there should be a post about Sade and gay z doing a track together...i'm so hurt by this

  9. @ 10:20 PM

    The post was sitting in draft mode and it totally escaped me to post it. However, it has been posted. Please scroll down to March 23rd.

    We greatly appreciate your readership.

  10. @ 8:02 - Thank You For Paying Attention!

  11. Lyrica,

    I truly believe that Jacob Lusk was born that way and that he doesn't have a penis. I am serious when i say this. I believe that he is really a she.

    He or she rather sounds nothing like luther. Unless luther sung with cotton balls in his mouth.

  12. smh @ "in 2007 auditioned for and won membership in LA gospel group InNate Praise, which was formed by Nate himself".

    You have to audition to win membership into a gospel choir? I mean come on now. Unless these gospel chior clubs have a direct link to American Idol, Music Producers and America Got Talent. Let me not forget that Nate Dog was a music producer who mixed Gospel Melodies with Hip Hop Music.

    So sad.

  13. @12:16 He could be I would not put nothing past anyone these day and age. He does give me feminine vibes. I do not watch America Idol, but I remeber seeing him on the Soup show. Well anyway they show a clip where he was singing R. Kelly song. He butcher that song and not in a good way.

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