Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Model: Tyra Banks

TV personality, Actress and Super Model Tyra Banks visited the New York Stock Exchange today in New York City. It was also reported that Tyra is enrolled at Harvard University and actually lives on campus. Some websites are reporting that she has been enrolled since last year. However, some students around Harvard's campus spotted Tyra on campus in 2006 -- maybe in 2006, the entrepreneur was on a mini-tour of colleges...hmmm...


  1. ^

    Who would spend 30,000 for three years to attend a three week class at Harvard University?

    A airhead name Tyra Banks!

    The group meets once a year -- for three years! 30k? And this crap makes the news?

    She's without a undergraduate degree and i don't believe that she will pick up college credit for this.


  2. Three non-credit classes NOT courses for $30,000?

    Did she miss any of the three classes?

    Three classes?

  3. Three classes

  4. my question is did tyra even finish high school? cause we all know how young she started modeling at 16 or 17 right or was she actually older? we know her look alike beyonce is a high school drop out.

  5. Did she take or even pass the ACT or SAT?

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