Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Supermodel Naomi Campbell

“It rips your world…I never thought I was an alcoholic but it goes hand in hand with drugs. Emotionally I was just gone. I was emotionally unattached to myself. You just want to numb your pain. And I’ve got tons of stuff. Same as everybody else. I didn’t like the way I was. Drink and drugs are an allergy for me. And they don’t make me a better person…” ---Supermodel Naomi Campbell discussed her addiction to cocaine and alcohol and the reason why she sued the National Enquirer for invading her privacy in the March 2011 issue of GQ Magazine (UK):


  1. I can't stand this mind controlled, uncle Tom, sellouts Jamaican bitch!

  2. Dag!

    After all these years, Naomi finally admits that she had a drug problem. Do she still have this problem? I mean she broke down crying as if she's still trying to get over her addiction.

    She's a terrible role model. She sued the National Enquirer for telling the truth about it. She actually denied the story and sued the National Enquirer. Then she reveal that the story published in the National Enquirer was the truth and she sued them and was paid for it.

  3. "Drink and drugs are an allergy for me."

    She's still a functional addict! CRACKHEAD!

  4. I love Naomi, flaws and all. But hers is def a cautionary tale.

  5. I bet her lawyer is lashing out at her for giving this interview.

    She sued the National Enquirer for running a false story and then she admit in another magazine that the story they ran was truth?