Friday, February 11, 2011

Spotted: Singer Mya

Singer Mya joined LeToya Luckett, John Salley, Model Melyssa Ford and Model Toccara Jones on the red carpet at the Belvedere Red launch party held yesterday at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood:


  1. What is up with Mya legs? Mya has a weird figure. Melyssa Ford displaying her Assets as usual. Toccara is dead wrong for the outfit. Toccara please do not lose anymore weight !!! Toccara looks better as a full figure eveyone is not meant to be skinny. I still cannot get over Mya legs. Mya is not really big to be having legs like she has now.

  2. Toccara is dressed like a struggling crackhead!

    Melyssa ain't nothing but a @ss model.

    As for Mya, WTF happened to her legs? They are three times the size of her arms!