Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spotted: Singer Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is back in the states following a tour stop in Hong Kong. The singer and her new beau Wissam Al Mana were recently spotted leaving Hollywood's hotspot; Matsuhisa restaurant:


  1. Beyonce is a damn hermaphrodite. Her old tale can't get pregnant without fertility treatments!

    Beyonce undergoing fertility treatments to get PREGNANT?

    Is Jay-Z’s main piece trying to get preggers?

    Our favorite urban site Media Take Out is claiming its ‘insiders’ say that ”[Beyonce] is going to the best fertility [hospital] in Los Angeles, [Cedar Sinai]. The same place where Mariah Carey and J Lo got their [fertility issues] done. Kim [Porter, Diddy's babys mother] recommended them.”

  2. ^^^ Beyonce and her damn family is paying MTO for their posts. Yes Beyonce is a hermphadites. This is a reason why their so many loop holes in Beyonce history it is ridculous. How many family members does the Knowles have working with them? I ask because I read this old article in Ebony Magazine about Destiny's Child page 96.
    The Knowles also ignore those who makes fun as Tina puts it because Destiny's Child has a lot of family members around them and that each did ( still does a number of different jobs).

  3. Beyonce is trying to save her marriage! She trying to get pregnant.

    If she's so healthy and so young, why do she need drugs to get pregnant?

    Jay-Z has a son already.
    Jay-Z has a daughter already.

    If Beyonce get pregnant, she will birth a hermaphrodite.

  4. Speaking of Jayz his camp must be working overtime to black ball Chris Brown's Career again. I find it pretty odd since Chris Brown restraining order forbidding contact with Rihanna was lifted. Rihanna's picture of the incident made a guess appearance.

    Chris Brown has a new cd coming out soon by the way.

  5. Chris Brown is what the industry considers a triple threat.

    He can sing, he can dance and he writes his owns music.

    He's also developing into a great Actor.

    His competitors want his spotlight.

  6. Janet and that right side of her nose damn. Yes if Beyonce is so young why do you need fertility treatments to get PREGNANT yep her age is showing for real.

  7. So what y'all saying is Beyonce is really a man well damn said .....