Monday, February 14, 2011

Songwriters Angela Hunte and Jane't "Jnay" Sewell-Ulepic

Congratulations to songwriters Angela Hunte and Jane't "Jnay" Sewell-Ulepic. The duo won a Grammy (Best Rap Song) last nite for writing "Empire State of Mind" for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys:


  1. You should follow the career for a blind rapper named Blind Fury. He's on BET 106 & Park Freestyle fridays right now. He has been on the show for over four weeks and no one has beaten him as of yet.

    Jay-Z has a history of paying talented people to write for him. I heard that he's working on hiring blind fury as his full-time ghost-writer.

  2. This is the link to his blogspot

  3. You ladies were so AMAZING at the New Music Seminar. Thank You so much for sharing your experiences and advice. Your panel was my favorite by far. Jimmy James