Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singer Solange Knowles

Singer Solange Knowles gathered with fellow celebrities at the Soho House in West Hollywood, California this afternoon to enjoy a Pre-Grammy brunch. The event was hosted by Gucci and RocNation and included appearances by other celebrities such as Model Cassie, Actress Lauren London, Rapper Jay-Z, Actor Will Smith, Singer Rihanna, Singer Beyonce and Many more:


  1. Solange braids are awful. Her roots need to be touched up immediately.

  2. Solange and Beyonce both share the "special" look in their eyes and the blank expression written on theur faces. Rihanna and Beyonce in the same photograph wow Beyonce must need some buzz. Rihanna is dead wrong for the hair. I still cannot look at Lauren London the same. What was the point of Solange cutting her hair because she mostly rocks weave all the time.

  3. It is strange to see Beyonce and Rihanna photographed together.

    Last year around this time, Beyonce rocked a similar wig during the Tom Ford fashion row, i believe the wig was blonde. Now Rihanna wears the same type wig in red and stands next to Beyonce in a photograph.

    You can tell that Rihanna offers a real friendship and according to Beyonce's facial expression, it’s not mutual.

    Beyonce might look alive in this picture but this girl died a long time ago.


    It's not the same wig but...