Thursday, February 24, 2011

Singer Kelly Rowland

As you already know, singer Kelly Rowland celebrated her 30th birthday by getting a tattoo for the first time. After many surgeries to perfect her image (to suit the needs of Hollywood), the singer inked the word 'Masterpiece' on the side of her upper body. Is she rewarding her body’s triumph after these surgical procedures? We're not sure - but in between time, enjoy these before and after pictures of Ms. Kelly Rowland:
Kelly's Nose Job
Kelly's Boob Job
Lower Lip Remade
Kelly Rowland Before


  1. Kelly should of left her nose alone. I should not be suprise about Miss. Kelly going under the knife seeing how damn near every member of Destiny's Child had got something done. Kelly stills look nice but she should just embrace her natural beauty.

  2. Yeah Kelly should've grown into her natural self.

    It all make sense now. The real reason why she got 'masterpiece' inked on her body.

  3. ^^^ So very true because in Hollywood they want that image poor thangs.