Saturday, February 26, 2011

Singer Beyonce Knowles

Singer Beyonce Knowles has graced the March 2011 issue of L'Officiel Magazine (UK) and many of her fans are against the singer's decision to pose in black face:


  1. Beyonce looks like a complete fool, and why would she do the black on black history month. This is what Beyonce gets for promoting in everything under the sun.

  2. Funny, there is no "interview" attached to her photo spread. Do anyone speak french? Did she say anything about Fela?

    If you are going to say that your were inspired by the Broadway play Fela, please select characters from the play to pose in this spread with you.

  3. Everything from black American about Beyonce is hate and jealously driven. The fact that black women complain that her skin is too light, her hair too light, her hair is too soft like Europeans' hair. Her body is too well proportioned. It's all black racism and it stems from this acceptable black rage and hate against people that are a lighter shade of brown.

    Is Beyonce Hated by Black Women?
    by Ted Duplessis
    February 08, 2009

  4. So yes, there was a buzz about Beyonce and her creolo roots in 2009.

    Two years later, Beyonce slaps black people in the face by posing in black face for a french magazine.

  5. @7:45 I beg to differ Beyonce is a color struck bimbo who suffer from self hatred. Beyonce purposely lighten her skin and her appearance in white magazine. Compare Beyonce images in Hype Hair magazine to other white related magazine. And as for Black woman envy of Beyonce complexion and etc, no you have fail to realize Lisa Raye, Raven Simone, and Lauren London other fair black celebrities do not get any shade for their complexion. Beyonce and her crew throw these shiddy articles together to make people think they envy her; I think not. Beyonce hair is not Eurpean hair it is a weave nothing about Beyonce is real. Aaliyah may she rest in peace have more hair than Beyonce ever could dream of. Try again.

  6. Thank You @ Beyonce's weave is european. lol

  7. @ 7:45
    Color seems to pop up when it isn't necessary. I am also of the Louisiana Creole culture and not jealous in the least.
    When Bey is dancing provactively, when Bey has her one leg in the east and one in the west, exposing all her lady parts, When she is singing about sex, when she is singing about all the things she owns and how rich she is, when she is speaking ebonics, and it goes on and on, etc.---The feeling I have as these things take place is not jealously. I have kids to protect, as a blk woman we are much more than sex object, Thanks to a great education, ebonics isn't something I don't have to use because I lack intelligence to use other words. My point is...color has nothign to do with my feeling about Beyonce. These things are awful no matter what color said person is.
    The next time you try to save someone's sorry ass. Please have more to make some sense about what you're trying to say, besides color. There are millions of light-skinned women and they aren't trying to use creole as an reason for their lightness. They know creole is a culture. Some of us are light and some are dark.

  8. @11:01 am
    See this is what makes us black women upset not mad (a dog goes mad). is the fact that people want to call us out, on our so called jealously of this woman. when it is NOT her looks that WE are upset about it is HER WAYS,
    I do not think she or any BLACK PERSON should find it that easy to paint there face (IF THEY KNEW THE REAL REASON THE BLACK FACE WAS USED PEROID) For what more MONEY how much do you need? ps, This is coming from a black woman with ALL OF THE THINGS SHE HAS BOUGHT!. so it is not her LOOKS for me. I ask OUR MEN to take back there place and be the KINGS you were made to be, and stop the brainwashing of our young men regaurding there QUEENS the BLACK WOMAN.

  9. why not hire a dark skin model an when is bey going to say no]]NO? and i just found out bey's grandson or newphew (which everyone) wears BLUE contacts! lol! and i bet he has a relaxer too and skin whiting cream since birth, hmm.. i wonder who's idea was that? lol! the knowles r not creoles they are just niggas trying to get in were they fit in! fist she wanted to be white, THEN creole, THEN latina, now i guess asian is next?!tina, bey and solange r just nappybaldhead nigga women. tina is just a 'redbone"/wannabe creole! she paid for her face and hair.wake up fool, she only is black,creole etc. if she can get a paying gig! she dont give a shit about no one but her retarted self! and lets not forget that crackhead father of hers! nuff said!

  10. why not hire a dark skin model an when is bey going to say no]]NO? I can answer that question for you because Beyonce is an attention whore who wants to promote everything. I should not be surprise about Juelz tidbit, but truthfully I am surprise. I posted a link picture with Beyonce and Solange and those girl were brown complexion. The Knowles like to say Beyonce uses tan this is a damn lie. The Knowles have issues plain and simple; they could not pay me enough money to work with that crazy family.

  11. SINCE Afro-beat icon, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (aka Abami Eda), died in 2007, a lot of stage presentations have been done in his honour, the latest is from Africa-American star singer, Beyonce Knowles painting her face in the cover of L’Officel Magazine in honour of Fela.

    The March edition of the magazine shows Beyonce looking quite odd to have a dark face, the remainder of the body is without the darkened coloring. If not Fela was mentioned, no one would have noticed anything, because there is no resemblance whatsoever.

  12. wtf? the lnowles claim beyance gets tan? lmao!! these ppls ra sick crew for real!!

  13. Beyonce is Puerto Rican just like Evelyn from Basketball Housewives!

    She's very upset that Jay-Z had his daughter by a black girl.

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