Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rapper Nicki Minaj

The "10 Commandments" according to rapper Nicki Minaj were published in a recent interview with NME Magazine:

1. If thou is born with it, thou is born with it.
2. Thou shalt walk tall.
3. Thou shalt keep it clean.
4. Thou shalt be what thee sayeth.
5. Thou shalt not get caught.
6. Thou shalt remember what thou hast to lose.
7. Thou shalt always graft.
8. Thou shalt have no regrets.
9. Thou shalt not double cross.
10. Thou shalt exercise restraint.


  1. Nicki we all know about your past. Thou shalt have no regrets who are you trying to convince people or yourself I am trying to understand Nicki mockery of the commandments, but it does not make a lick of sense just like her music. Thou shall not get caught. Nicki must be talking about her sextapes.

  2. Never make mockery out of the Ten Commandments.

    I was never a fan and after reading this mess, All thoughts of giving her music a chance has vanished.

    Never make mockery out of the Ten Commandments.

  3. Did she really say "always graft"?


    graft noun \ˈgraft\
    Definition of GRAFT
    1a : a grafted plant b : scion 1 c : the point of insertion of a scion upon a stock
    2a : the act of grafting b : something grafted; specifically : living tissue used in grafting

  4. : to implant (living tissue) surgically