Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basketball Player Shaquille O’Neal

"Alexander had met O’Neal a few times, through the Hollywood scene, but hadn’t thought about him much, at least not in a romantic way. It wasn’t until last summer that she was reintroduced to him through a friend. Alexander was visiting her photographer pal, Christopher “Yella’’ Hawkins, in St. Louis, and saw an autographed picture of Shaq on his wall. She told Yella that she had met Shaq and thought he was cool. Yella texted O’Neal that Alexander had said hello. Almost immediately, O’Neal texted Yella back, asking if Hoopz had a boyfriend. Shaq was divorced at that point and was ready for a new relationship..." --- Shaquille O'Neal and his girlfriend Nikki “Hoopz’’ Alexander reveals how their relationship spun into a beautiful romance during a interview with Meredith Goldstein posted on the website.


  1. This article was nice to read. I hope that this relationship will become the last for both Shaq and 'Hoopz'.

  2. I give in at first I gave Hoopz a mean "side eye" for dating Shaq, but hey who am I to judge. Hoopz is built a little like Tiny. In the words of the late great Tupac Hoop and Shaq both got around.

  3. ^lol

    She's super Tiny and He's super tall.

    I was wondering if she's still playing the game from Flavor of Love?

    Dating to win?

    Guess she's doing better than the other contestants.

  4. I truly believe that Shaq is still in love with Shauna. He doesn't look happy to me. He's faking it y'all! Hoops is built like a damn man.

  5. The bitch look like she's on steroids too. People please pay attention to her facial features. She is not attractive at all.

  6. I am inclined to agree that she is not very attractive. And I think she's after his deaux. Shani held it down AND put up with his isht. Shaq better kiss and makeup. (May I suggest something along the line of 15+ carats?)

  7. Diamonds will never bring a person happiness. Shaq's ex-wife had issues. I mean, she was planning to leave him a long time ago. Can anyone explain the reason why his ex-wife stashed cash in the bank account of distant relatives?

  8. If i was Shaq, i would check if funds were wired to her current boyfriend's bank account.

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