Friday, January 7, 2011

Rapper Rico Love

"I started off as a rapper. I was signed to Usher's label, US Records, and I guess Usher saw something special in how I would write rhymes and how I would put songs together. So one day I went to his office and my financial situation wasn't at its best, so I needed some money. Like, what am I gonna do? He says, “I think you got the ability to write songs and I'm putting out an album called Confessions. You should write a song on this album. It's going to be one of my biggest albums.” He gave me a track that Just Blaze produced, and I wrote a song called “Throwback.” It's the first song I ever wrote in my life. That song ended up being one of the staples on the album, and I co-wrote a song called “Seduction,”which was also on the album, on the deluxe package. That's how I pretty much got my start in songwriting..." ---The Rapper Rico Love reveals his song writing abilities to

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