Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rapper Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj was mobbed by a huge crowd while arriving at the BBC Radio 1 for an appearance on the Tim Westwood's show. It was also reported that her trip to Buckingham Palace was cut short by Palace Police after members of her entourage parked their cars in front of the Palace (which is forbidden). She also made an appearance at Runway nightclub after being forced to cancel last Thursday (due to brawl and issues with security):


  1. She has no respect for the British!

  2. ^^^ you can say that again ghetto ass.

  3. ""Trying to take a picture by the Buckingham Palace. Got chased by the police the 1st time but the paps helped us get pics from a different angle of the palace. Lmaoooooooooo. #moment4life," Nicki tweeted.

    That's not funny! She knew nothing about Britian prior to traveling there? Everyone knows that it is forbidden to park your vehicle near the palace. This ghetto (there are five letter in the word ghetto) chic is so caught up and eager to please the media and her dumb fans.

    She picked the correct stage name Barbie because she's a airheaded bimbo!